BCAA Supplements for muscle shaping

What is a BCAA supplement?

BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) supplements are supplements that contain three essential amino acids, which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three nutrients you usually gain from dietary consumption of protein sources, such as meat, milk and dairy products, and nuts.

For those of you who like to go to the gym or like exercising, you may not be familiar with this supplement. Many people utilize this supplement to improve performance during exercise and to form muscle.

What are the benefits of BCAA supplements?

The body can not produce BCAA by itself, so you need to consume foods or supplements that contain BCAA. BCAA is required to generate energy when a backup of the glycogen in your body runs out. This condition often occurs when you do heavy exercise, resulting in food consumption or a BCAA supplement needed.

Some of the benefits of BCAA supplements are:

1. Increase muscle mass

Many people take supplements that contain BCAA to increase muscle mass. Yes, BCAA is proven to increase muscle mass, especially if it contains more leucine than isoleucine and valine. It seems that Leucine has the most important role in muscle formation.

According to research, BCAA is also shown to be able to activate enzymes responsible for muscle formation. BCAA can improve the body's ability to perform protein synthesis for muscle formation and also lower protein degradation (muscle damage).

2. Reduce muscle pain after exercise

BCAA ingestion before or after exercise is proven to reduce the muscle pain you feel after exercise. It is done BCAA by lowering the enzyme levels of creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase, which is associated with muscle breakdown. This way, BCAA can accelerate recovery and protect you from muscle damage.

Also, BCAA can help reduce fatigue after exercise. Research shows that BCAA can increase resistance to fatigue and help you conserve energy stored in muscles.

3. Help Lose weight

Leucine can also help increase fat burning and balance blood sugar levels. Leucine and isoleucine content in BCAA supplements can increase the production of insulin so that muscles can absorb more sugar and then lower your blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar levels can prevent you from gaining weight. In this way, BCAA consumption can help you in losing weight.
How do I consume BCAA supplements?

Not everyone needs to consume a BCAA supplement. BCAA supplements are not needed every time you exercise or exercise. This is because you can still meet the BCAA needs of food.

BCAA's needs are influenced by several factors, such as body size and exercise intensity. According to recent studies, healthy adults are advised to obtain a BCAA minimum of 9 grams per day for women and at least 12 grams per day for men. These BCAA needs can be fulfilled only by consuming protein source food.

However, for athletes and those who do heavy sports, the BCAA needs can be slightly larger. So, maybe they need to consume BCAA supplements. Taking a BCAA supplement of 15-35 grams per day is generally safe and does not cause side effects in most people.

The best time to consume BCAA supplements is before and/or after exercise. Some people who want to increase muscle mass can also take this supplement in the morning or before bedtime.

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