Bulking programs

Success Tips for your Bulking Program

1. Serious with your Target

The most major tip is to implement a full bulking program in your brain.
Or another word is that you are invited to remain consistent with your goals.
Nevertheless, you need to stay realistic with the goals you want to achieve.
Let's say you have a target weight gain 1/2 – 1kg each week.
If you start a bulking program in September weighing 75kg. Then at least your weight should reach 90-91kg in January.

Perhaps you would think that bulking is done this focus on weight gain. The best way to measure the success of bulking is the percentage of fat in the body.
It is true and measuring the percentage of fat levels in the body is one of the right ways to know the extent of your bulking program.

Since the bulking program is essentially adding weight to lean muscle mass, not completely fat.
However, focusing on weight gain in advance is also able to make you more consistent with your target.

What you need to know, the addition of more muscle mass while bulking is quite difficult to do.
It is almost certainly your weight gain while bulking is also accompanied by increasing fat levels.
Controlling how fast levels are added in the body is very important in the bulking program. Even so, you don't have to worry too much if the fat levels are in a break or quite a lot.
If this is the case, then adjust your daily calorie intake and customize the makronutrition that goes.

2. Keep in mind your daily calorie intake

During the bulking period, you may be advised to consume anything because the goal is to gain weight.

But if you do not want to say fail with this bulking program, then you should still pay attention to your daily calorie intake.

"Do if too much fat can be cut at the time of cutting?"
Maybe among you, anyone has such questions.

Go back to the first point. You can not eat anything you like even while bulking. Why? Of course, it is so that there is not much fat that accumulates in your body.
You should still be intelligent in consuming foods, especially the macronutriés i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

There are many ways to calculate your daily calorie intake. Because this way you will be able to limit what foods are best for you without having to stem the fat into the body.
A Surplus of calories is needed, just that the amount depends on your goal that is how much weight gain you want.

Generally, the recommended surplus is 500 calories per day. It is intended to allow your bulking success with additional muscle mass with less fat.

3. Do not ignore cardio exercises when Bulking programs

Maybe some of you are doing it.
Yes, when you do a bulking program, you deliberately cut out the ration of cardio workouts.
Indeed, the outcome of some research mentions that cardio exercises can inflate muscle mass.
What needs to be underlined is the cardio exercises that are meant to shrink muscles is a cardio exercise that is too long with moderate to low intensity.
Cardio exercises can also be utilized as a means of building muscle mass, controlling fat levels at the time of a surplus of calories, and of course to speed up recovery time.
One of them is doing high-intensity cardio exercises but in a short time or commonly called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
By doing HIIT your body's metabolism will increase. This means your body will be able to burn more calories not only during exercise but also 24 hours after exercise or called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

4. Know your fat point

The meaning here is which part does not look prominent among the rest of the body.
For example, your shoulder muscles look smaller, so you can also focus on enlarging the muscles.
Forced the muscles to develop even greater through exercises targeting the muscle groups.
Immediately from the exercise program for that muscle and make sure to consume extra calories to keep the muscle-building process going.
One of the successes of your bulking program is you decide to fix the weak part of your muscles.

5. Find the right exercise program for your Bulking Program

And the most crucial thing is finding the right weight training program with bulking.
To increase muscle density and get maximum results during bulking, you have to be committed to practice in the long run.

Because it all needs a process. Overnight workouts will not instantly make your muscles grow. Precisely if you are just starting, you will experience tremendous pain.
But quiet, it is natural and is part of the process. All fitness mania never felt.
In addition to committing to discipline exercises, you should also increase the volume of exercise itself.

Ranging from sets and reps to increased weight loads gradually
Support your Bulking Program with the best supplementation
Not just the exercises that are the main key to bulking programs, but also your nutritional intake.
Naturally, nutrition from everyday foods you need to support any of your fitness programs.

Especially protein.
Protein is the main food for muscles so you need to have sufficient daily protein needs.
Protein is also a major nutrient for the formation and recovery of muscles.
Consuming foods that are high in protein will help accelerate the recovery process of your body post-workout so that DOMS (delayed the onset of muscle soreness) is not too long you feel.
Foods containing protein sources include beef, chicken (chest), fish, egg whites, or tempeh.
When protein from daily food is insufficient, you can add it through a supplement such as Dymatize Super Mass Gainer which is the Gainer milk to add the best and most complete weight loss and muscle mass.

With the content of 52grams of whey protein per serving nutrient-dense, 10, 9gram BCAA and formulation of the best ingredients of muscle mass builders, as well as enriched leucine which is very important for muscle synthesis. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is the best muscle mass enhancer supplement that can help you increase lean muscle mass by minimalist increased fat percentage.
The conclusion is regular exercise, proper diet, adequate rest, supplementation, as well as supported with high commitment will speed up the success of your bulking program.

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