Testosterone for maximum muscle

The hormone testosterone is identified as a male hormone, affecting libido, the formation of muscle mass and endurance energy levels, as well as changes in secondary sex characteristics in men during pubers, for example the sound changes to be heavier.

Testosterone hormone levels in the male body normally range between 250-1100 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) with an average rate of 680 ng/dL. There is also research indicating that the optimal testosterone hormone levels for men range from 400-600 ng/dL.

This hormone increases during puberty and reaches its peak when men are about 20 years old. After ages 30 and above, these hormone levels will be reduced by about one percent each year. So when men reach the age of 65 more years, their normal testosterone hormone levels range between 300-450 ng/dL.

The hormone testosterone is not only owned by men, but also by women. In women, this hormone is produced in the ovaries in small quantities. Along with the female sex hormones, i.e. estrogen, the testosterone hormone plays a role in producing new blood cells, boosting libido, and affecting an egg-release stimulating hormone that plays a role in the female reproductive system. In women, testosterone hormone levels range between 8-60 ng/dL.

Testosterone hormone deficiency

Decreasing levels of testosterone hormone is a natural condition along with the male age. In addition to aging factors, low testosterone hormones can also be triggered by conditions of hypogonadism. In such conditions, the testes produce too little testosterone hormone.

Additionally, testosterone deficiency can also be caused by infections and injuries to the testes, problems in the thyroid or pituitary gland, type 2 diabetes, side effects of certain medications, and genetic disorders. Experiencing stress and consuming too much alcohol can also cause this condition.

When testosterone levels decline, men will experience symptoms related to sexual function, such as infertility, decreased sexual desire, and decreased frequency of erection.

Reduced levels of testosterone hormone may also be accompanied by other symptoms that include physical changes, such as:

  • Reduced hair on the body.

  • Bones become more fragile.

  • Increased body fat and cholesterol.

  • Decreased muscle strength or mass.

  • Feel the overheating accompanied by facial redness or hot flashes.

  • Easy to get tired.

  • Augmentation of breast glands.

Meanwhile, the impact of declining testosterone hormone levels against psychic changes include:

Tend to feel depressed or sad, which leads to decreased quality of life.

Sleep disorders.

Decreased confidence, reduced motivation, and had problems with memory and concentration.

While in women, this hormone deficiency can reduce libido or a passion for sexual intercourse.

To find out if your testosterone hormone levels are normal or not, and whether the above symptoms are caused by declining levels of testosterone hormone, then you are encouraged to do a check to the doctor.

Excess hormone Testosterone

1. Increase red blood cell count
Increased testosterone could help increase red blood cell counts. This is one of the reasons men have more red blood cell count (hemoglobin) than women. It can save your life when you lose a lot of blood.

2. Increase muscle mass
Men who have difficulty adding muscle mass can try to increase their testosterone count. Testosterone will help increase muscle count and reduce fat.

3. Strengthening the bones
One of the best benefits of testosterone is making bones stronger. Testosterone is a hormone that protects bones from being damaged and brittle. This is also the reason why men have stronger bones than women.

4. Maintain a stable mood
Unlike female hormones that often make the mood change, testosterone helps men keep the mood steady.

5. Healthy Heart
Testosterone hormone deficiency is often associated with many heart ailments. Testosterone helps the heart muscle to pump blood faster and protect the heart from damage. For that, testosterone is very healthy for the heart of every man.

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