11 ways to shrink the arms for a sexier look

It is hard to hide the fat on the arms. The only way is to reduce the weight to remove the existing fats accompanied by exercises to tighten the arm muscles.

Only men are the ones who will gain huge muscles because of the arm muscle exercises. Don't be afraid to do muscle exercises, because only women who consume testosterone can have large muscles. Naturally, women only have a little bit of testosterone on its body. After all, to gain great muscle, you have to follow a special diet by eating protein-filled food seven times a day, coupled with heavy lifting exercises. So, don't be afraid to do arm exercises.
Here are the workout details to shrink the arms:

1.       Biceps

Perform a gesture of 10-20 times. After 30 seconds of rest, resumed twice the same set of movements
After a two-minute break, do 3 sets of movements two every 10 times.
After a two-minute break, continue with 3 sets of three movements each 10-20 times

2.       Triceps

Perform a gesture of 10-15 times. After 30 seconds rest, continue twice the same set of movements
After a two-minute break, do 3 sets of movements two every 10-15 times.
After a two-minute break, do 3 sets of movements three every 10 times.

3.       Shoulder muscles

Perform a gesture of 8-12 times. After 30 seconds rest, continue twice the same set of movements
After two minutes of rest, do 3 sets of movements two each 8-12 times

4.       Perfect Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most common sports movements. Both women and men can do it. Push-ups can even be done anytime and anywhere. You just have to do push-ups regularly, so it is guaranteed that your arms will be more shrinking and especially not struggling. Here are ways to do the right push-up.

A perfect push-up, of course, is a type of push-up commonly done by most people. This Push-up requires a large force because the focus is on the toe. You can do this push-up on the mattress. To do this push-up is easy .

Place both palms on the floor with toe as a focus. Open the legs approximately as wide as the shoulder to maintain balance. Keep your legs, waist, and head in a straight state. Next step then bends the forearm and the upper arm forming an angle of 90 degrees then push upward slowly. Lower the body slowly while wasting your breath. Lift the body while dancing your breath, then lower your body while you throw a breath. So on.

As a beginning for those of you who seldom exercise, just do it as hard as you so that the body is not surprised. Then improve the intensity. Example: Today you 20 times push-ups, tomorrow plus be 25 push-ups, Lusa plus again be 30 push-ups. Do it routinely, your arm will immediately shrink.

5.       Knee Push-up

Unlike the perfect push-up, knee push-up is a push-up movement that rests on the knees. Position your body like doing a perfect push-up, but with the knee as its impact. Knees are less flexible. Therefore, you can beat your knees with something tender like a pillow.
For those of you who are exhausted or unable to do a perfect push-up, you can try this position. The trick is the same with a perfect push-up.

6.       Push-Up walls

For those of you who are distressed at once doing a perfect push-up and push-up knee, you could try the following push-up variants. The energy output is much smaller than the other push up variants. It is also easy to do for those who are beginners who have not been able to sustain weight if trying a perfect push-up style.
The way is the same but the difference is not lying on the floor but facing the wall. You simply stand farther from the reach of your hands when touching the wall with your palms. Attach your palms to the walls. Then slowly close the face on the wall by bending the arms. Start with 10 wall push-ups and increase the intensity.

7.       Counter Push-ups

Still with other push-up variants. This time you do not rely on walls or floors. All you will do is to use the table as its tummy.
The trick is the same by doing wall push-ups. But for the sake of safety, do the counter push-ups on the table that can not shift or move.

8.       Barbell

Barbells can also be used as a way to shrink arms. How to shrink arms with barbell easily. All you need is a barbell that if you are strong to lift it. It can start with a barbell of 1 kg. If able to increase weight every week.

How to shrink arms with a barbell with many variations
Hold the barbell in both hands. Handshape with position 90 degrees. Raise the barbell alternately using the right hand then left hand.

Hold the barbell in both hands. Handshape with position 90 percent. Lift the barbell together.
Hold the barbell in both hands. Then stretch the hand. Lift Barbells alternately right hand and left hand.
Hold the barbell in both hands. Then stretch the hand. Lift the barbell together.

9.       Bench Dips

How to shrink the next arm is by way of bench dips. You need a table or any focus that doesn't move or shift. It can be a table or chair.
All you need to do is grasp the focus tip with both hands facing backward. Position your body in a seated position. Lift your butt, forward a few centimeters in front and then slip the foot. Then straighten the hand and lift the body in its original position. Then bend your arm until it forms 90 degrees. Hold up to a count of 8. Raise it again. Don't forget to do it regularly.

10.   Weighted Punch

The variation of lifting the next barbell is easy is to do a weighted punch. There also requires two barbells as the weights held on both hands. Then you seem to turn your fist into air alternately right and left hand. Do until your arm feels tired.

11.   Pull up

The next light-sport you can do is pull-up. All you need is a higher door pole or frame than you.
It's simple. Hold the pole or frame with both of your hands tightly. Then start gently lifting your body. Hold for 8 seconds or 8 counts then down. Do it routinely.

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