6 The best shoulder exercises for muscle building

Deltoid Shoulder/Muscle anatomy

Anterior Head
  •         Function: Flexion, medial rotation
  •         Location: Shoulder front
  •        Movement: Barbell Shoulder Press

Middle Head
  •         Function: Abduction
  •         Location: Middle side of the shoulder
  •        Movement: Dumbbell side lateral

Posterior Head
  •        Function: Extension, lateral rotation
  •         Location: Back of the shoulder
  •         Movement: Bent-over dumbbell R/ear Delt raise

1.      Reverse Peck Deck Fly

This exercise is great for shaping your shoulders from home. Take advantage of the tool called Chest Expander.
A pretty elastic tool but that heavy can help you train your shoulders to make it look big and sturdy. The way to exercise the shoulder with this tool is to position your head slightly upwards, then drag the chest expander up to the shoulder.
Remember Bro, the head position should be slightly looked up so that the training portion for shoulder can be maximal.
High-Volume Challenge
Although not intended for everyone, this high volume shoulder training pattern consisting of 28 sets is capable of providing shock therapy for stubborn shoulders. This exercise combines the weight set of muscle mass forming, superset, and high reps set. Guaranteed, your shoulders will get a tough challenge through intensity and technique.
To maximize this exercise routine, use a slow, controlled contraction. Take a full one-second pause at the top of the movement, then pause 1-2 seconds at the base of the movement to give a slight pause for recovery before entering the next rep.

2.      Bent-Over Lateral Raise

Training instructions:
Standing by a position slightly leaning forward, but with a straight back position
Position the shoulder sleeve with a slightly bent knee
By grasping dumbbell arm position straight down with a slightly bent elbow
Position the palms facing each other
Lift the dumbbell sideways to form a half-circle with a slightly bent elbow position (angle unchanged)
Inhale when lowering burdens and exhale when lifting weights

3.      Seated Dumbell Lateral Raise

Training instructions:
Sit on a chair or bench with an upright back
With a slightly bent knee, both feet align with the floor
Handheld Dumbbelli in both hands with a slightly bent elbow
 Position the palms facing each other
Lift the dumbbell until the elbow line is aligned with the shoulder without changing the angle of the elbow
When lifting weights pay attention to the position of sitting with the body slightly leaning forward
Inhale when lowering the load and exhale when the load

4.      Arnold Press

Training instructions:
Sit with an upright back position
Hold a pair of dumbbells in front of the chest
The position of the palm facing inside
Make sure the dumbbell is aligned with
Take a load while rotating the sleeve until the palms turn outside (as in the picture)
When lifting the load make sure the back position and waist remain upright and both feet keep touching the floor
A breath of breaths while lifting the burden and exhaling at the expense of

5.      Front Barbell Raise

Training instructions:
Standing with an upright back with legs wide shoulder
Position one of the feet in front
Position the sleeves straight down holding the barbell
Lift the barbell upwards until the sleeve is aligned with the shoulder
Inhale when lowering burdens and exhale when lifting weights

6.      Overhead Barbell Press

Training instructions:
Standing in an upright position
Handheld barbell with a position of the vertical forearm
Position the elbow parallel to the shoulder
Lift the barbell to pass through the head with the back position straight (not moving)
Inhale when lowering the burden and exhale when lifting the load.

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