8 Mistakes in Fitness

Been training in the gym for a long time but not also feel the results? Generally, people follow a fitness program to lose weight and also forming muscles. But surely the purpose is not achievable instantly. It takes time and a hard will to be able to accomplish it.

But if you've been doing exercises in the gym for quite a while and not also getting results, then you need to be suspicious. This may happen as a result of a gym mistake that you unknowingly do. Get to know the following gym mistakes so you can fix it!

  1. Eat carelessly after or before the Gym

It should be acknowledged that there are so many people who do fitness programs but do not have them in the proper diet. Are you one of them? Some people make good eating moments after the gym as a gift for themselves because they have been exercising. Some more things to eat much before the gym is not a problem because the fat will later be burned as well.

These two fitness mistakes are wrong and make your workouts pointless. When conducting a fitness program, maintaining food intake becomes a very important thing. If you are always ' Hat ' every before and after the gym, there is a possibility if the calories that go into the body will not burn all and instead become a heap of fat in your body.

  1. You only eat a little calorie

Tare wants skinny, you exercise desperately and replied by eating only a little. It's the wrong principle total. Your body is almost out of gasoline. Sure it won't go too far. Same with your body.

The body is not eating enough to have fewer calorie deposits. To be able to trim the fat optimally, you need at least 500 calories in the body. If before the sport alone you do not arm the body with enough calories, the body will adapt to burn fewer calories in the effort to retain fat.

Likewise, if building muscle is your goal, eating too little calories will negatively impact your dreams. This way, your body will focus more on energy on important functions such as breathing and regulating blood pressure rather than building muscle.
Not eating enough also affects your level of strength. In the end, not enough eating can make your recovery pointless; Your body will use the proteins that you eat as the fuel for energy rather than repairing and rebuilding muscles. Consume foods high in lean protein, eat vegetables and healthy fats, and make sure you are eating enough.

  1. The monotonous pattern of exercise

The fitness program is ongoing. If you are doing the same exercise pattern for months, then the exercise will not give you any more meaningful effects on your body. Repetitive exercise patterns also allow you to feel bored.

Try to modify your workouts every couple of weeks. In addition to modifying exercise patterns, you'll also have to add sets and reps for each exercise so that your body has an improvement.

  1. Not setting the time well

Not setting the time well can be a gym mistake that makes your workouts so less efficient. Spending a long time in the gym hasn't been good for your workouts.
It's better if you set the time for each exercise and make sure not to take too long the time for each workout pause. Trust me, there's no advantage you'll get from wasting time.

  1. Not heating

The gym fault that often happens next is ignoring warming. No matter how short your time, heating becomes a very important thing. The purpose of heating is to raise the heartbeat and smooth the blood flow to the muscles, your body will be better prepared for a more severe exercise.

Without heating, your chances of getting injured will increase. If you don't have enough time, it's better to reduce a set of each gesture so you have enough time to warm up.

  1. Practicing in the same place constantly

If you choose a weightlifting exercise, doing so will only negatively impact the joints and structure of your soft network. You can injuries and reduce the ability to build muscle. Make its interlude. The weight is then mild or vice versa. Practicing too heavily on hold is not advisable at all.

  1. Afraid of weight lifting exercises

A common mistake when the next gym is a fear or concern for lifting weight training. Do you include women who are afraid of your body being too muscular because of lifting weights? Or, are you guys who don't want to have a body too big or large?

If so, don't let this concern scare you from doing weight training. Cardio exercises are good for lowering body fat levels. But, without being combined with a weight lifting exercise, you can not automatically get a six-pack proportional body.

For women, be aware that muscle-forming hormones are a testosterone hormone that has little in women. This means you don't have to fear your body can be suddenly muscular just because of the weight training. And, even though men have 10 times more testosterone, forming a big and large body is still not as easy as it seems. So, don't worry you're going to be too hefty for doing a weight lifting exercise, yes!

"Lifting weights is important to maintain metabolism, give a good body definition (curves)", said Alvin.
So, for successful diets and gyms, combine the exercises you do ranging from cardio to weight lifting exercises.

  1. Not doing cooling

Do not quench after finishing exercise or fitness. Trivial anyway, but the cooling movement after the sport is very important. Because while exercising muscle stretch, while many tissues and this can cause self-aging in muscle cells.

Are you included in people who often do various gym mistakes above? If so, you should immediately correct your habits to be able to achieve your desired goals!

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