9 The fitness movement at home can be without tools!

Fitness exercises in the gym using a variety of fitness tools make training easier to look at. But even so, the fitness movement apparently should not always use the tool, Lho. For those of you who have various busyness so do not have time for fitness exercises in the gym, you can also do the fitness at home.
Here is the fitness movement with no fitness tools that you can practice yourself at home!

  1. Push Up
The first fitness movement is push up. This movement is well known as a movement that can be done anywhere. This movement can strengthen the shoulder joints and involve somebody's muscles when doing so.
The way to push up is to put both hands on the floor with a distance as wide as the shoulder and leveling the back. Lower the body until the chest is just a few centimeters away from the ground, and then lift your body again.

  1. Crunch
Movement without any further fitness tools crunch. This one fitness movement is similar to the sit-up movement but it can train the abdominal muscles more maximal than sit up. How to crunch is to take a position like sit up, then lift the body only about 45 degrees only, not until it touches the knee.

  1. Double Crunch
In addition to performing crunch movements, you can also do double crunch movements. This fitness movement not only trains your abdominal muscles but also trains your thigh muscles. How to do double crunch is to lie down. Then put both hands behind the head, and then lift the legs slightly upwards.
After that, lift your body approximately 45 degrees while pulling your knees closer to the stomach. Then lower your body back while straightening your feet back.

  1. Step Up
Movements that do not require the next fitness equipment are step-up or also known as climbing downstairs. You can use the stairs or the surface of the terraced at home to do the fitness movements of this one. Step up is very useful for exercising leg muscles as a whole.
The way to step up is to stand in front of a ladder or chair, then raise your right leg and lift your entire body to climb up the stairs. After that go down with the left foot first, just then do the opposite.

  1. Lower Back Curl
Lower back Curl is a fitness movement without an excellent tool to train your back muscles and can relieve the symptoms of back pain. The lower back curl way is to take the position of the prone.
Position your hands beside your body. Lift your chest, hands, and feet to the maximum, then lower it again.

  1. Shadow Boxing
The ninth fitness movement you can do at home is shadow boxing. This fitness movement can improve your training because it has a variety of benefits such as training foot strength, nuclei, and arms.
The way to do that is to adopt a hitting motion like in boxing, but you don't need a goal to be at the hit.

  1. Plank
The home fitness movement that you must try next is the plank. This one fitness movement only requires a flat surface to do so. Be careful when doing planks, because if you do it wrong, your stomach might get bloated.
The way of doing the plank is similar to the push-up position but not resting on the palm of your hand but your lower arm. Hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds, then reset it several times.

  1. Squat
The next most popular fitness movement in the home is squat. Squats are one of the best movements that can increase overall body strength. Also, squats are known to be potent to shrink arm muscles, abdomen, and also thighs.
The way of squat movement is to spread the leg up to the shoulder and straighten the hands forward. After that, it lowers the butt slowly until it resembles a sitting position, then lifts the body again until the position stands upright again.

  1. Jumping Jack
Jumping jacks are considered as fun movements and are also potent to slimming the body. This fitness movement allows you to move your entire body so it is effective to help burn body fat.
The way to do a jumping jack is to stand upright with the foot of the meeting and the hand is next to the body. Then jump and spread your legs while lifting both hands upwards. After that jump again and go back to the position firmly like again.
So are you ready to do your fitness exercises at home?

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