9 Fitness movement to shrink the distinct stomach

Increasing weight is caused by an unhealthy diet and often eat foods that contain a lot of fat, high in calories and carbohydrates.
The stomach is the body part that is most often seen from the impact of the accumulation of fat, so it appears to be enlarged or petrified.

A stomach that is dictated in addition to making the appearance becomes unattractive, can also pose a variety of serious health problems.
Sports movements to shrink the tummy
Abdominal fat buildup, as a result, should be resolved immediately by changing the diet. If you want to shrink the stomach quickly can be coupled with the exercise of stomach reduction.
The following will be reviewed some of the sports movements to burn the belly fat that has been shown to effectively shrink the stomach while also forming muscle.
This sports movement is very easy to do at home and suitable for both men and women.

1. Plank Elbow Movement

The movement of the sport is quite simple and easy to do at home, but the results are very effective to burn fat in the stomach.
In addition to training abdominal muscles, the Elbow Plank movement is also beneficial to train the stability of the body and core muscles in the abdomen, waist, and thighs.
How to perform Elbow Plank movement:
ü  Position the body facing the floor
ü  Put both palms up to the elbow on the floor.
ü  Lift the body until the elbow position forms the angle of the elbow, keeping the back position straight
ü  The abdominal muscles will contract and hold this position for 30 seconds
ü  Repeat as many as 3 sets (3 times)

2. Leg Raise Movement

This Leg Raise sports movement is centered on the lower abdominal muscle area. This movement can be done without using any tools.
Although this movement is quite easy, by doing some sets simply make the abdominal muscles feel hot due to fat burning.
How to make a Leg Raise movement:
ü  Lay the body with a stretched position on the floor
ü  Lift both legs to form the angle of the elbow (90 degrees)
ü  Lower the leg without touching the floor and lift again to form an angle back of the elbow
ü  Perform this bullish movement continuously as much as 15 times
ü  Repeat three times (3 sets)

3. Bicycle Crunch Movement

Bicycle Crunch Movement is one of the types of crunch that can train overall abdominal muscles, the lower abdominal muscles, upper and middle. Besides, it will also exercise body balance.
This movement is similar to the movement of the bicycle pedaling, but the movement is done on the floor. This movement if done correctly and orderly will get satisfactory results.
How to do this gesture:
ü  Lay the body with a stretched position on the floor
ü  Put both palms on the back of your head
ü  Lift both legs simultaneously until not touching the floor
ü  Perform this movement together, namely bending the left leg and the right elbow movement until touching the left knee and alternating the right foot and left elbow.
ü  Perform this gesture 15 times
ü  Repeat this gesture as much as 3 sets (3 times)

4. Jumping Jack Reach Movement

The Jumping Jack Reach movement is done using a special ball-sized tool.
How to do this:
ü  Position the body sitting on the ball
ü  Jump over the ball while opening and closing both legs
ü  Move 15 times
ü  Repeat as many as 3 sets.

5. Candle Attitude Movement

It is called a candle attitude because with this movement, the position of body shape such as wax standing upright. To perform this gesture there is no need to use tools.
How to do this:
ü  Lay the body in a stretched position on the floor
ü  Both legs lifted upwards simultaneously
ü  Back part supported with both hands
ü  Hold within a few counts
ü  If it feels too heavy, can lean on the wall

6. Zumba Dance Movement

Zumba is one type of dance that originated in Brazil. This movement can also be useful to a slimming stomach and some other parts of the body.
All it takes is to play the Zumba dance video, then follow the dance movement and the dance will burn fat in the abdomen area.

7. Back-Up Movement

The Backup movement is a movement with the body position. This movement is not only beneficial to strengthen the back muscles but also beneficial to slimming the stomach and burn fat in the stomach.
How to do this:
ü  Lay the body in a position on the floor
ü  Put both palms behind the neck/ear and then bend the hand towards the front
ü  Move the head and back up then down as much as 15 times
ü  Repeat the movement 3 times
If it still feels difficult, it can ask a person to hold the two legs to make the body easier to lift the body.

8. The Marjariasana movement

The Marjariasana movement or in yoga is called a paint pose is a movement like a position to crawl, then raise the back like a cat if it wakes up.
This movement is also safe by mothers who are in pregnancy so that the body does not feel stiff.
How to do this:
ü  Position your body like you want to crawl
ü  Abdomen and back movements upward then hold for 15 counts and return to the original position
ü  Then lower the stomach and back while lifting the butt and hold for 15 counts
ü  Repeat this gesture continuously for 10 minutes
To get the result do this movement every afternoon regularly.

9. Ball Crunch Fitness Movement

To perform this movement, a large-sized ball is needed to be made of a special rubber for gymnastics.
Movements performed like performing sit up movements but supported with the ball.
How to do this:
ü  Position the body lying and leaning on the ball
ü  Body movements such as sit up movements
ü  Move 15 times
ü  Repeat 3 times (3 sets)
Thus the movement of sports proved to be powerful and fast to burn belly fat and slimming the body of the abdomen while training abdominal muscles.
To get maximum results to do the movements routinely at least 4 times a week for satisfactory results.
Choose the most suitable and comfortable movement for you to do. So, hopefully, this information is useful.

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