Avoid mistakes while training chest muscles!

  1. Exercise less hard

How often do you go to the gym and encounter people chatting or watching TV versus exercise?? Too often for me. And there's more than every week come 3x but always lift dumbbell 5 kg to dozens of counts, it-it keeps Aja done. Your MUSCLES need stimulation to grow, and the only way is to hire it to the threshold of ability to work and even exceed it, this is called overloading principle.

The Overload signals to the brain that the number of muscle cells is lacking and should be augmented, and this is done repeatedly. The muscles that have micro-trauma will reproduce with proper nutritional intake, so it will grow and grow. OVERLOADING should be done consistently and continuously, its application in practice is in the form of exercise intensity.

Whatever exercise you do the key is at INTENSITY. INTENSITY is obtained by adding weight, shortening rest time between sets, adding reps. Advanced training techniques such as drop sets or HITS are combinations of the 3rd thing despite the addition of special techniques such as slow reps and negative that increase the intensity by holding down the muscle contractions as long as possible. All have 1 goal = INTENSITY to stimulate muscles to grow.

  1. Exercise too long

Well, this one is often experienced by fitness mania that again bitten
lice bodybuilding, I was so his spirit until every day to the gym, from dawn until evening. Well... May be too extreme, at least half a day can-can be spent at the gym. As described above, your muscles experience damage while practicing, and release lactic acid so that you feel tired or sore muscles. If you always ignore these signs, you will experience overtraining, its; The body is weakening, the more often to the gym instead of getting stronger but more drop, the force decreases. Muscles even shrink, your appetite can drop, headache and insomnia too so symptoms.

Your muscles need 72 hours for the total recuperation of the hard exercise, so give enough time for the muscle Rekuprasi before being smitten again. Sometimes after a hard training session for 5 consecutive days, you can even feel extra and strong after 3 days total break.

  1. Eat mostly

The meaning of eating mostly is Pig Out in a 1-time meal session, for growing MUSCLES need a constant supply of amino acids in 1 day. Constant supply can only be obtained by eating regularly and often every 2-3 hours. So try to minus the portion of the meal and the frequency is often, you will feel more fit, powered and not sleepy. Eating a refrigerator in 1 meal will mess up your appetite when the other 3 hours you have to eat, where can you enter? Eating is also cluttering up blood sugar levels and can experience crashes that instead cause you to lackluster afterward. And should also note WHAT YOU EAT? They combine quality protein foods with fiber carbohydrates, and 1 daily multivitamins consumption, which is important if you are practicing and important also 3 liters of white water every day, it is vital for the metabolism of the body.

  1. Lack of rest

In connection with overtraining above too, this is what is sometimes experienced by bodybuilding addicts. Less discipline yourself for rest, give less body time to recuperate and grow. If you work from morning until afternoon, then afternoon until the night of training, then night until Fajr, when your body can grow. Benchmark the raw 8 hours a day, and make sure from midnight until sunrise you can sleep.

When sleeping in a deep sleep, your body through the pituitary gland in the brain releases the growth hormone, this hormone will spur your recuperation and growth of muscles, currently also referred to as an Anabolic window opportunity, in addition to the moment immediately after exercise. Therefore a glass of protein shake or MRP low carb before bed can greatly help your muscle growth. No supplements? Egg whites or a slice of chicken without fat can also.

  1. Not practicing basic exercises

Remember bench press, squat, deadlift, row. It's the basic movement that should be the core of your workouts. These movements are called the Compound movement which means about many muscles at once and is the MAIN exercise for your muscle growth. Many beginners are impatiently awaiting the results of the exercises and changing the way the exercise follows THE fitness magazines and Pro-Bodybuilder ways, unaware that the PROS are USING COMPOUND BASIC EXERCISES to shape the muscles of those already mountain, so if your muscles haven't been a mountain – STICK TO THE BASICS!

  1. Less motivation

Well ya brain problem and focus, if you have no motivation for the big muscular or sexy body, where can you succeed?? Think and masterfully your goals to the gym, focus your mind on practicing, then you will grow, check out these videos of your favorite bodybuilders for inspiration so the motivation becomes risen and Hit The Weight Hard!

  1. Has no purpose and time constraints

If you want to succeed Yes must have a goal, I want SIX PACK I want a BICEP 21 inches, etc. With no purpose you can focus your efforts on obtaining it, then don't forget the deadline. There is certainly no goal of the target time, 1 month 2 months 3 months, the important timing target must be realistic! Down 20 kilograms in a month certainly not realistic. Consult with the trainer, determine the purpose and time limit to achieve it, you will be more directed and closer to success.

  1. Not competitive

That means it doesn't mean that you have to follow your bodybuilding and perform at your own pace, at least you have to be competing against yourself. Suppose TO take a photo BEFORE running one program, set the goal and time limit, then take your photos as the program progresses, then in the end photo AFTER. Prepare yourself a bodybuilder willing to compete, try a well-defined muscle and see clearly, tighten your diet. A strict diet gives the digestive system ' rest ' from a lot of extra calories during the enlargement period. So in the future when you increase your calories again, your digestive system and metabolism will be more efficient.

  1. Bolos Exercises

Once again consistency is key, if you undergo a training program, whatever it is that you are disciplined to follow the program, do not get Absence without leave
. Look at your body, whether it is overtraining or just lazy, if you feel the body is not fully recuperation, you can do a light exercise or rest. But if you're searching for a reason to get a workout, you'll be thwarting yourself physically and mentally, physically because you won't see the results of your workouts, mentally, because you cultivate bad habits. CONSISTENT with the practice, you will enjoy the results.

  1. Narrow-minded

This is generally the senior bodybuilder experienced. Many years they practice and are very sure what they are doing is most top and true. Finally, as they are not growing up, they are stuck! The reason is that they don't want to try new things, new techniques, new diet tips, etc. By trying new things, new techniques, input from other pros, you can make the exercises interesting, varied and make the passion of practicing and of course so sure to stay growing! Remember muscle adaptation is the enemy of muscle growth. A constant exercise like that or with the same tools keeps your muscles out of the way. Try to a new gym, try new tools, isolateral, or powerful tools, you can keep growing. BP

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