Fitness for Childhood obesity

Benefits are gained if children regularly do fitness including adding muscle strength and bones.
Increase lean muscle mass and help reduce body fat.
Help maintain weight and is key to the main program of weight loss.
Psychological enhancement in a better direction.
It can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and can improve the mood (feeling).
Improve activity and physical health.

In addition to the benefits that can be obtained as mentioned above, physical activities such as fitness can also prevent the risk of developing chronic diseases by improving physical activity and aware of good prevention. For example: Eating a healthy diet, maintaining an ideal body weight for the child, and avoiding it from cigarette smoke so that it is a risk of developing chronic diseases when he is an adult.


Osteoporosis, having serious consequences that cause bones to become brittle and easily broken and can cause paralysis. The disease is commonly attacked by elderly people. This is possible due to the lack of development and development of bone mass that occurs during childhood and adolescence.

Physical activities such as fitness help to build stronger bone density in children and maintain bone density until they are mature. To improve bone mineralization and build strong bones, children must perform proper fitness activities such as jumping rope, walking, playing football or basketball. They should also consume a lot of lime substances optimally and keep levels of hormone levels appropriate, especially estrogen hormones.


Physical activity is crucial to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. In combination between family intervention and a moderate calorie reduction program, physical activity such as fitness will result in a significant reduction in the problem of obesity in children. Reduce the behavior of children who sit only dazed like watching TV or playing PlayStation, it is better to do an important activity that is useful for the prevention of obesity problems
Removing calories
Doing a lot of physical activity helps children to remove calories as well as help them gain and maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity is very good to influence the spread of calories for the fat body. Aerobic activities such as running, swimming and cycling are also excellent for burning calories.

Mental health

Regular physical activities have the potential to improve psychological health in children, such as improving their confidence, reducing their stress levels and anxiety (anxiety). Conducting regular physical activity promotes self-confidence and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety in children from emotionally chaotic or disability in their mental development.

The basic principles of strength training for children are as follows:
The guide is clear. Children must be taught how to take a proper breath when lifting and lowering the burden, not to be breathless. Posture should also be correct during exercise. At least 1 instructor has a maximum of 10 children to ensure children's understanding.

Supervision. To be safe while ensuring what is being taught is implemented properly, there must be a supervisor and a spotter if the burden is too tight for the child. If the child has never had their weight training before, don't let them exercise iron wear. Always remind the child to drink a lot of water during and after workouts. Familiarize your child to live a healthy diet with ' lure ' to maximize the genetic potency of the children Athletic.

Apply a healthy lifestyle. It includes a balanced diet, adequate rest, and consistent exercise. Spend 1-2 weeks on recreation and eating out of habit, to keep the child mentally on the age limit.
Heating/cooling. Before exercise, spend 5-10 minutes warming (e.g. road, jogging place, jumping rope, stretching, aerobic low impact, etc.). At the end of the exercise do cooling (mild stretching) 10-15 minutes.

Light loads, reps must be restrained. For children, 1 set of contents is 12-20 reps, use a lightweight. For beginners enough 8-15 reps only. Perform 6-8 different exercise types (for all muscle groups), 1-3 sets per workout. Movement must be full, should not be endured. If the child fails to complete the set/recaption, lower the load. It may be that the child wears the same weight as an adult, the origin is capable and not torture. The important thing here is the willingness of the child to participate in serious exercises. About the target of how much weight can be raised, just leave the responsibility in the adult. No need to love such a moral burden on children.

Break. Insert 1 day for a break before getting into the next exercise. 2-3 Training Week (duration per workout 20-30 minutes) is sufficient. Just let the children enjoy the movement of the action, then gradually the strength/ability of his motorcycle will evolve gradually.
Track exercise progress. Teach the children how to fill the practice table with the training achievements (number of reps, types of exercises, etc.).

Multiply the burden (gradually). After the child has taken control of his training during this time, increase his burden.
Have fun. Don't go through the exercises – that's all, vary with other types of exercises. Children tend to feel at home if they are bored. Do not be impressed to impose the exercise on children. You must engage the exercise in the child. You must be involved in training with your child, do not just watch/give instructions.

Wait. It all takes time, so live it all consistently. Remove the mind "when Yah I can be so and so" on yourself and the children. There will come a day when you or your child feels there is a difference (strength and endurance of muscles).

Rewards System. Reward your child's consistency/performance during training. The shape can be various, depending on the financial condition of the parents. Very helpful to revive the child's motivation. Hopefully, the child will be diligent exercise not because of the prize, but because there is something more interesting than just about the matter.

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