get six pack in 30 days

Exercises that need to be done to get six-pack abdominal muscles may seem very heavy and tiring. However, you can achieve it in one month by adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly. In addition to focusing on training the abdominal muscles and core muscles, try to reduce fat in the stomach as much as possible

Calculate body fat percentage to determine whether you need to lose weight. If the percentage of body fat is very high, the stomach muscles do not look six-pack even though you have been training diligently. Therefore, you need to know the percentage of body fat before practicing. You must lose weight if you need to reduce body fat.

Calculate body fat percentage by entering height, weight, age, and other.
For men, the ideal body fat percentage ranges from 6-13%.
For women, the ideal body fat percentage ranges from 12-20%.


Crunch is a muscle exercise that focuses on the upper muscles. Crunch is different from sit-ups because it focuses on the breath and its movements. Take your breath off when crunching and take a breath when on your back. To avoid getting hurt, do a crunch on a flat floor, not on a soft bed!


Hands bent, face down facing forward and legs rested at one point and keep your body straight. Remember, your waist shouldn't be lower than your thigh!
This exercise focuses on muscle training up to down, and from the waist and waistline. Not only muscle, Plank is also able to straighten out the shape of bones formed due to wrong sitting habits.

Aerobic Exercise

Also, do aerobic exercise if you have to lose weight. High-intensity aerobic exercise will burn fat so that six-packs in the muscles are more visible. If the percentage of body fat is very high, do more aerobic exercise than do abdominal and core muscles. You can practice aerobics in the following ways:
Using an elliptical machine
Static cycling
Jump rope
Paddle using the machine

Cardiovascular or Cardio Training is something you must do to reduce the amount of fat in your stomach. However, you also have to keep balancing it with other muscle exercises. Cardio exercises will make the amount of fat in your body quickly decreases, especially fat around the stomach.

Leg Raise

This exercise is very influential in building your stomach muscles! Sleep on your back and lift your legs up and lift your hips up as if you were kicking up and then lower your legs again and do the same according to the set you set.
This movement focuses on the lower and middle muscles, waist, and hips.

Strict diet

The main key in forming abdominal muscles is diet, diet here is not reducing your intake. However, the diet in question is to regulate any intake and nutrition that enter your body every day. You need to reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates, the way to reduce consumption of white rice and replace it with complex carbohydrate foods such as wheat. After that, make sure you have enough protein intake every day. The amount of protein in two boiled or steamed chicken breasts every day will help you get a sixpack stomach in one month.

Eat foods that contain lots of protein. Protein is needed to build muscle. So that the stomach muscles can form six packs in 1 month, you must consume 1-1.5 grams of protein / kg body weight every day to enlarge and strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Choose a diet high in protein, for example:

  • Peas
  • Low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Nuts
  • Chicken eggs

Improve lifestyle

It's not just your diet or exercise patterns that need to be improved. You also have to set your break time. Remember yes, sleep that is needed by normal humans is 8 hours a day. Quality rest is important for maximum muscle formation. For that start to discipline yourself, go to bed before late at night for example at 9 pm and wake up at 5 in the morning. This method can make you quickly get the desired abdominal muscles.

Workout 3 times a week

Whatever your training pattern, whether it is calisthenics, body workout, or even the gym, you must do the exercise at least three times a week so that the formation of muscles that are running can run optimally. Use the pattern of one day of training one day of rest, why do you need to rest? Because muscles are formed not during exercise, but when you are resting.

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