Women fitness Movement for six-pack abs

ABS or six-pack abs is a flat stomach that shows the abdominal muscles, which is more than just strengthening your X factor. Talking about the six-pack, of course still warm to be talked about is how Jonatan Christie showcased his six-pack belly that could make women crazy.

The exercise that she did to maintain her six-pack belly draw was a side-plank oblique crunch which is also referred to as the side-plank twisque twists or coil side-board forearm. However, there is more than one exercise that can be done to get a flat stomach.

Six Pack can not only be owned by men. You women can also have this flat belly. Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood's celebrities who have six-pack abs and will get you jealous of her.

  1. Arm footrest and lifting

Place the crawl position on your mat. Keep your hands flat on the floor, slowly raising your lower body and the knee starts slightly removed (still crawling).
Raise your hand arm to the angle of 90 degrees and kick the foot into the air simultaneously; Repeat on the other side. Each side change, do it for 30 seconds.

  1. Roll backward then jump

This one looks fun but it's really hard if you're not used to it! Start standing at your foot, right foot bent over you, the arm on your side of the body. In one flowing motion, lower yourself to the ground and roll slowly backward as if you were doing the rear roll.
Push yourself back up-using your core-then jump and jump to your left leg. When you land from your jump, immediately drop yourself back and repeat like the beginning. Continue for 30 seconds. Try switching sides and repeat.

  1. The star Plank (star Plank)

Train your core harder than ever with the star Plank. We all know the usual plank (ready like a push-up position) but this version needs to widen the calm. You're almost in a star pose or X-arms and legs should be wider than the shoulder.
Go into the plank position, remove your hands and your feet until you feel your core reacts, but in a position you can still balance safely. Hold for 10 seconds, train continuously until it can penetrate 30 seconds.

  1. Headstand with legs moving right and to the left

Place the flat upper arm on the floor forming a triangle for your head, gently lift your body into the position of the headstand that is Tersangga something (do this on the wall if you're just beginning to try it out).
Once your body is completely upright, Incline your body to one side and then the other alternately slowly. Do for five Reps. This one will work on all parts of your body.

  1. Pull-up plus kungfu kicks

This one is not reserved for the weak heart (or abdomen) to start hanging on the pull-up bar with the grip using the lower hand, so the palms face the body. Pull-up, bring the knee to the chest.
Turn the knee to the right side, then press and stretch the left leg forward, then fold the foot. Bring the knee back to the chest and rotate it to the left, then press and stretch the right leg forward for one Rep. Do as many as 5 reps.
Now finally you already know that to get six-pack abs just need to prioritize the 6 important movements only. If you are aware, the six movements do not need to use a special gym tool (cross pull-up you can create yourself) and you can do yourself at home. But be careful yes, don't be pressed and know the boundaries of yourself. Congratulations on your dream belly!

  1. V-up at the pull-up bar

Compete in a pull-up bar, use your stomach to pull your legs until you can touch the bar, or at least as high as you can. Slowly lower it back down and repeat 10-12 reps.

  1. Hanging Ab Curl

This is another exercise for women to form their abs, which work on the lower abdominal muscles, inner abdomen, and transverse abdominal muscles. The way to do that is, hold your grip on the pull-up bar and let the legs hang on. Bend the knees, and pull the legs towards the chest and exhale simultaneously. Inhale as you lose your legs slowly and bring them back.

  1. Side-Plank Oblique Crunches

This exercise works all over your core when targeting your internal and external oblique muscles. The way to do that is, lie down and slowly turn towards the side where you feel comfortable. Gently lift the lower arm to support the body and place the other hand over the head. Grasp the position of these side-boards and stretch your legs straight. Bring the right elbow toward the stomach and then return.

  1. Sit-Up

Sit-ups are another exercise for women to get six-pack abs. Sit-ups work on the abdominal muscles and external muscles. The way to do this is, lie on your back and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Cross the hands on the head. Gently lift the head and shoulders upwards to keep the stomach moving. Stay in this position briefly and return. Repeat this for 2-3 sets.

  1. Superwoman

It is a medium intensity exercise that strengthens the lower back and core muscles. The way to do that is, lie down with the face on the floor. Keep your legs elongated and the toes should point forward, with the arms stretched out in front. Raise your hands and feet as if you were flying and hold the pose for 5 seconds and then release.

  1. Lying Leg Raise

This exercise helps develop abdominal muscles that are important because these muscles stabilize the body during movement and can help maintain balance. The way to do that is, lie on your back with the palms facing down. Lift the leg slowly at an angle of 90 degrees and leave it straight for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the leg down. Perform 2-3 sets.

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