4 Mistakes eating Oatmeal that makes weight gain even rise

You may have often heard of eating oatmeal trends to lose weight. Oatmeal or wheat pulp can indeed be a substitute for staple food such as rice or potatoes. However, some people just increase their weight after eating regular oatmeal. Mean diet with less effective oatmeal, dong? Wait first. To answer the puzzle whether the oatmeal makes a fat, see the following explanation.

Does oatmeal make it fat?

Before answering if the oatmeal makes it fast, you must understand first what is the oatmeal. Oatmeal is made from whole wheat that is rich in fiber and saturated fat-free. Some studies have proved that consuming foods rich in fiber and low in saturated fats is potent to prevent excess weight. Because of that, oatmeal is a good choice for you who are dieting.

However, it does not mean eating oatmeal can lose weight instantly. A study in the journal Physiology & Behavior in 2010 reveals that oatmeal can make you fatter. According to a consumer psychology expert from Cornell University that initiated the study, Brian Wansink, Ph.D., was not his fat porridge. It's how you eat oatmeal every day. If you're the wrong strategy, of course, your weight can increase.

Mistakes eating oatmeal that makes fat

Although some weight is increasing, you do not have to worry about consuming oatmeal for diet. As long as you do not do the following mistakes, breakfast oatmeal will not make weight gain.

1. Portions are mostly

During this time you may eat more oatmeal with too much portion. Dried Oatmeal in your bowl does look a bit and does not make full. Even if it is cooked or brewed, oatmeal will expand and the texture is very dense.

According to a clinical nutritionist from the United States, Jennifer Bowers Ph.D., R.D., the trick is to eat with a small-sized bowl. That way, you won't be able to get too much dry wheat and your bowl so it looks fuller. It can fool the brain as if you had eaten quite a lot.

2. Use an unhealthy topping

Whole wheat is healthy, but if you eat with less healthy toppings, the effect for the body will not be felt. For example, if you use a chocolate peanut jam that has a cube of high sugar or a fried side dish like nugget or corned beef.

Remember, not that because eating oatmeal means you can eat carelessly. Choose toppings that support your diet for example eggs that are rich in protein or fresh fruits. If you want to add a particular flavor, you can use low honey sugar or cinnamon.

3. You eat a ready-to-food oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal is easier to make, especially in the morning. You just have to spread it with hot water. However, fast-food oatmeal levels are much higher than the oatmeal that must be cooked or boiled first. The higher the level of sugar, the body will instead keep a lot more fat deposits than burned into energy. This can certainly make your weight grow.

4. Too much extra material

If you are not regular eating oatmeal or dislike its bland taste, you will probably add ingredients such as milk, sugar, cocoa powder (chocolate), or salt. In fact, without you realizing adding various kinds of materials can increase the fat levels significantly.

Preferably, cook your oatmeal with water only. You will be accustomed to taste and texture so that there is no need to be given additional kinds of more. You also do not have to worry if the oatmeal makes fat. 

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