Tired of that food – that's every day to increase testosterone levels? Or do you want to raise the testosterone hormone naturally? The answer is, you can consume the right foods.
This time will try to introduce to fitness mania a natural way to drive the level of testosterone, which later serves to improve stamina in-gym and also stamina on the bed. Do not be asked again or discussed a diet program that we will do, will undoubtedly get the perfect results to train strength, build muscle, and satisfaction of the results obtained. All kinds of food that we consume play an active role in determining all promptings and able to awaken the spirit of practice or return "strength" on the bed.

You've probably heard of it before, that "training is hard to" an uprooent ", but not supported with adequate food is unlikely to reach for purposes, such as the checkered stomach, sturdy shoulder, and Iron Man's foot". But not to worry, because by running testosterone boosting your diet can maximize levels of testosterone that is helpful when fitness. By consuming some of the recommended foods will help in boosting testosterone levels in the body that have double benefits i.e., "being a wild horse in the gym and the bedroom.

Testosterone, its king's HORMONES

A little bit of information about testosterone, which is one of the most important hormones as a process of building muscle and sexual performance in a man's body. Testosterone is widely produced during puberty, in addition to functioning for the development of sexual characteristics and has a profound effect on organ function throughout the body. It is influenced by the testosterone receptors found in almost all body tissues, so the rate or amount of hormones greatly affects the functioning of the entire system of organs in the human body.

For example, testosterone is very a role in the growth of feathers that grow on the face and other bodies in the skin cells. Then the most important testosterone usefulness for men is to stimulate muscle cell fibers to create muscle mass growth and also "Ripet" the function of genitals. Testosterone is the male primary sex hormone that is a genuine (natural) anabolic steroid that is needed both in sexual activity and in sporting activities.
But unfortunately, the hormone testosterone in the body is very limited in number. So it is important to maintain its maintenance to always in excellent condition both quality and quantity so that the existence and function in the body remain maximum. It is also important to note that only the testes and the adrenal glands are responsible for the testosterone production process. A book titled Williams of Endocrinology which was published in 2003 ago, explains that "the liver and kidneys are functioning only to destroy and secrete hormones from the body".

Elevated blood levels in the body often occur after we exercise. Such a thing can happen due to the simultaneous increase in hormone production from the testicles has increased. Increased production of hormones is also caused by decreased "clearance of testosterone" from the body. The blood flow to the kidneys and liver decreases during the training process.

As already mentioned earlier, that there are several ways to increase testosterone levels in the body naturally, one of which is affected by the type of food that we commonly consume, time or hours of eating and also supplements are consumed. Want to know what kind of "magical" food can ideally help more self-esteem over the "bed" and reach the maximal power when fitness? Here are the nutritional types of food:
Calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
To encourage testosterone levels in the body, the first precise step is to consume quite a lot of calories. Certain foods will be discussed further, but most importantly at this time, a low-calorie diet can cause the early hormones to be less freed from the brain, along with decreased production activity of testosterone-catalysts enzymes in the testes. The consequence of a low-calorie diet is decreased testosterone production. Try not to eat too much that results in a heap of fat in the body. Fats in the body can convert testosterone into estrogen. That means it will be the opposite of the goal that it wants to achieve to increase testosterone levels.
The next step is to consume enough carbohydrates. At least 2 mg per pound of bodyweight. Please also note per day body can store carbohydrates and proteins at a ratio of 2:1. Research proves that consuming enough carbohydrates is ideal for boosting testosterone levels in the body. Although it is very rare it is recommended to choose the right type of carbo (except during exercise) to induce the amount of testosterone. If too much fiber in the body will precisely impact the reduced testosterone hormone. However for health reasons, do not forget some of the complex sources of carbohydrates in the diet such as wheat bread, fruit, and vegetables.

The third step is to consume enough proteins. The most important body gets enough protein intake without having to adopt it excessively. A study proves that more protein than carbohydrates in the body will lower testosterone levels. By default, the protein needs in the body are 1 gram of protein versus per pounds of body weight. Try to use always proteins that come from animal sources. The results showed that the vegetarian diet could potentially lower testosterone levels in males.
What should also be realized is the consumption of fat types. At least there should be at least 30% calories of fat consumed. Also, try not to consume too many polyunsaturated fats, it is better to use many monounsaturated fats that are found in nuts, olive oil, avocado, and other types of foods containing unsaturated fats in the Red meat and eggs.

Below, are foods that can increase testosterone levels naturally without having to use steroids:

1. Oyster

Many oysters or shellfish contain proteins, magnesium, and zinc. Oysters contain more zinc in comparison with all other food sources. Only six small shells in a day can be given a seven-fold effect of zinc. That later plays an important role in muscle growth and levels of testosterone. Some research suggests that supplements containing zinc will make a significant increase in the amount of testosterone and also make the appearance of athletes much better. Research conducted by the lovers of the world of bodybuilding shows that zinc can prevent a decrease in the amount of testosterone in the body, even after a hard workout. Moreover, zinc is one of the most important substances in the process of synthesis of testosterone.

HOW to GET IT: Try to eat shells at least once a week, whether raw, cooked or already in order.

2. Egg

Eggs are a source of protein and cholesterol. As we know that testosterone is formed from the process of synthesis between cholesterol and protein which is also an important hormonal forming in the body. Eggs are the most natural source of food, and the cholesterol levels found in eggs are very harmful to the body as is often imagined. So always provide eggs in your home.
HOW TO GET IT: Make an omelet breakfast of 3-4 eggs or a half-cooked egg accompanied by a salad.

3. Red meat

Red meat is a meat that is not fatty and is a perfect source of food because it contains proteins, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Keep selecting precisely the meat that contains saturated fats. Red meat is the most important staple in boosting testosterone. Beef contains two essential substances that play a direct role in optimizing testosterone levels and body muscle formation, namely proteins and zinc.

In a research study comparing 2 groups that equally wanted to increase the force in the training program or known as "pumps Iron" in different ways in the 12 weeks. The group first chose a vegetarian diet and the second group chose the Diet by eating red meat. From the results shown from the two groups, only the group who ate red meat showed significant progress. In addition to being shown with reduced fat, also better muscle formation results. Therefore, there are several types of foods that provide gains in muscle mass formation and increase testosterone. Although in the previous explanation it is not recommended to consume saturated fats, basically the body still needs this fat to produce testosterone.

How: Eat meat processed by baked or steamed. Either served in the form of a steak with a slightly spicy flavor to give flavor.

4. Beans

In beans contain a lot of protein, also fiber and zinc are not less and important. Nuts can be said to be magical food because, in addition to the taste, the source of nutrients from this nut is very helpful in raising testosterone levels. Also, it can maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract and can control body weight.
Beans are very rich in zinc compared to similar foods in the group of vegetables. Like roasted beans, For example, can give more zinc levels compared to red meat. To get the perfect result as well as an increase in testosterone, there is no harm from now intense in consuming nuts. Because the nuts have been tested rich in protein and fiber as well as low fat.

HOW: Roasted beans or boiled peanuts will be a perfect choice and cheap. So even though you're in the financial rather "urgent", nuts can be a proper nutritional choice.

 5. Vegetable numerous results

Vegetables such as this result are sourced from phytochemicals (chemicals that apply in growing crops). In these vegetables contained indole-3-carbinol and fibers. Indole-3-carbinol is very important to alter the estradiol hormone, as much as nearly 50% (this hormone can inhibit the production of testosterone in the body) into a good hormone that can push the synthesis system on testosterone. Try to consume vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, bokchoy, Turnip Greens, collard greens, rutabaga, radishes, daikon. The vegetables on top contain phytochemicals that can decrease estrogen levels which are not good and potential to reduce the negative effects of reduced testosterone levels.

HOW: Boil, steamed, satay or baked, put in a portion of pasta, stir-fried or made a salad. Made like anything will still make this vegetable a very delicious food.

6. Honey

Honey is a natural source of Chrysin, which is a type of bioflavonoids that is shown as a potential inhibitory. The regular bodybuilding uses boosting testosterone supplements on a reason because it can inhibit flavor enzymes. So it will be a little amount of testosterone being converted into estrogen.

HOW to: Mix 1 spoon of honey into your drink or as a jam on bread.

7. Garlic

Although it has a less savory smell, garlic is a source of nutrients called allicin. Consuming garlic is advised to increase testosterone levels and inhibit the growth of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that competes with testosterone. Its use to inhibit the action of being produced by testosterone and also destroy muscle tissue.

HOW: To encourage rising testosterone is recommended to consume all parts of garlic, which can also be inserted in salads or stir-fried. As a food freshener or desert even garlic ice cream.

8. The Fruits

Lastly, it also includes fruits in a diet food fitness mania. Because fruits include producers of antioxidants and fiber sources. Decreasing the amount of testosterone in the body, due to the damage caused by toxins produced by the body in the testosterone-producing network. The results of the study say that the role of antioxidants is to overcome the imbalance of hormones in men or the deficiency of androgen in elderly men. Researchers indicated that antioxidants (Vit. A, Vit. E, zinc and Elenium) support the production of testosterone. Apart from being a source of fiber and other nutrients, fruits can also stabilize weight which certainly relates to the level of testosterone.

HOW: Eat fruits in the form of a salad or can be added with yogurt or cottage cheese. Do not forget to still prioritize the consumption of brightly colored fruits to keep our skin to increase the content of antioxidants and fiber.

Arnold S. Once said, "Never be a feminine man". Foods like Alpha Male can naturally drive your testosterone and increase stamina. It also plays a role in muscle shaping, as well as the performance on top of the bed. Eat the right foods, at the right time, as well as with the right support supplements to make it easier to pump iron, make it big, and increase your sex drive, as well as stamina to be unpredictable.

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