9 Night sports benefit day before bedtime

Exercise is an important thing for us to do to keep our body's endurance in order not to be easily attacked, but many people who abandon sports habits due to busy work day-day, but the question is whether the benefits of nighttime sports are also good for health?

Currently on the trend of night sports after working hours, in addition to not interfering with night Sports working hours are also able to help the workers keep their body endurance to the activities of the Office. But do not worry, the benefits of night sports before bedtime is also not inferior to the benefits of various types of sports performed during the day or morning.

The benefits of night sports are not only for health, but there are also many benefits to social interactions and various other purposes. Night sports have some benefits that can give good in our body, here are some of them.

1. Time Efficiency

For night sports workers are perfect for maintaining body fitness due to the addition of sports time after office hours, night sports are also not pursued time such as morning sports where we have to pursue time for sports, especially for those of you who Working Office.

2. Brain Relaxation

After a day of activity in the office, with an evening workout, we can refresh our brains because the benefits of sports in addition to maintaining health can also relieve stress so that the pressure that is in our minds.

3. Reduce the risk of injury

For the busy but self-exercising exercise in the morning with a stuffy can cause a risk of injury especially in the body because the muscles are not ready to do the heavy activity, but if exercising at night muscles-the body muscles are ready for the previous activity.

4. Sleep more efficiently

For those who are hard-working during the day, exercising at night will give more benefits to the body. Moreover, if the sports activities today have been done routinely, then the quality of your sleep will increase and make you feel much more fit in the morning. This is already evidenced by the National Sleep Foundation in America who conducts a study on the sleep quality of 83 people who do sports at night. Of course, after exercising our body is ready to rest to continue our activities tomorrow. But it should be advised to silence for 1 hour after exercise because the body temperature after exercise will increase.

5. Make us look youthful

One of the benefits of the most common sports is being able to make us look youthful and the face looks fresher, so this can be an attraction for ourselves.

6. Lungs in the best condition

According to the study of the maximum lung condition at 4 to 5 p.m., we are not easily tired during exercise and can improve the capacity of our lungs.

7. Pumping the Heart well

Exercise can help the blood pumping system on the heart. Cardiac function and cardiovascular system work more effectively, and this can reduce plaque in blood vessels causing narrowing of the blood vessels so that the heart can function properly.

8. Eliminate toxins and Toxin during the day

During the day-to-evening activities, there are many toxins and free radicals that may interfere with our body and health. Examples are smoke and dust, unhealthy food we consume, and all-day air conditioning. Well, the night after the sport is the perfect time to remove everything until sleep will be a slum.

9. Helps improve mood in the morning

For some people who do not understand the benefits of sports in the evening may consider the sport at that time can interfere with health, but you know that already a lot of research proves that the sport is done In the evening will bring great benefit to your life. One of them is to make your mood rise. The mood is a factor that is quite important to whether or not the day you are going.

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