9 Tips for starting "Gym " for Beginners

Do you want to start exercising fitness at the gym? If so, it looks like you should start reading my writing this.

1. Finding knowledge about the Gym

Before starting the gym in the fitness center, it's good to find as much knowledge about sports from various sources. Magazines, books, articles on the Internet, or training videos on Youtube that cover the gym for beginners can be easily done right now. Some fitness icons such as Ade Rai, Jansen Ongko, Halim Tsiang, Adrian Maulana, Chef Edwin, Bobby Ida, and Akram Askar often share their knowledge of fitness, gym, and food patterns regularly on their social media. Even some of them already wrote a book about it. Usually, novice gyms like you will feel confused with a good example of movement. Well, these inspirators give you the knowledge for you. So, enrich your knowledge first before starting the gym.

2. Create a workout schedule

Make a workout schedule and obey. Within a week, you are advised to practice a maximum of 4 times a week because you are new to beginners. If you have more advanced the hell can be up to 5 or 6 times a week. Well, the schedule can be like this; Monday you train your chest, triceps, and stomach over, Tuesday you practice your back, biceps, and lower abdomen, Thursday's leg exercises, shoulders, and stomach aside, as well as the Friday you train your chest, triceps, and stomach. Then adhere to the schedule you've compiled.

3. Create realistic targets

What kind of Body goals do you want to accomplish? Is it like an enormous Ade Rai full of muscle chunks? Or like Health magazine models that have lean muscle? Or... This is special for you women, you want to have a toned, plumper, and athletic bodies like Melanie Putria, Maria Selena, or Kamidia Radiosity? Specify a realistic target, yes, I mean, if you want to lower your body fat for those of you who feel fat, the realistic target is you can go down 1-1.5 kg per week. Not down 5 kg a week yes. While for those of you who want to add muscle mass, adding a muscle mass of 500 grams a week is still realistic.

4. Keep Food Nutrition

Keep Food nutrients. The main Rule is "high protein, medium carbohydrate, and low fat". And it is the hardest thing. But it doesn't mean being a reason not to regulate and keep food nutrients yes.

5. Supplements? See again Yes

This supplement has always been the most frequently asked question by beginners, such as "What supplements are most fast to raising muscles?". As the name suggests, supplements are food additives. So, set your diet first, because that supplement is only an additional addition.

6. Become a Member

Being a member of the gym will force you to practice. Because it will be a pity for the money you spend on paying your membership if you don't use the membership. Right?

7. Look for Gym Buddy

What is a gym buddy? Gym Buddy is the friend of fellow members in the gym where you practice it, which you can practice together. By having a gym buddy, you will feel the debt of an appointment with the gym of your buddy when you neglect your training schedule at the gym. Besides, the gym buddy will be the parameter of success you are practicing, like he has already participated in a body contest race, you can make him an inspiration to be able to follow the same race.

8. Hiring a Personal Trainer

This one is not mandatory. But since you are a beginner, it should be guided by a professional personal trainer. They will compile the best workout schedule for you. They will also be willing to help you to make the right moves while you practice.

9. Discipline and patience

These two things you have to do all the time yes. Remember, all the effort there must be a process, nothing instant except noodles and porridge, hehe. So, if a week you haven't gotten a change in your body, yes just be patient. Evaluate your exercise patterns, diet, and resting hours. Then grow the spirit again to practice yes. I used to lose weight 12 kg takes 3 months, because my target not only loses weight but also increase muscle mass. So, enjoy the process yes.

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