Fitness Equipment Machine

Machine fitness equipment is generally a large-sized and complex tool used to isolate exercises to get the most out of certain muscles. Machine Fitness tools have several advantages in using it, among others:
It helps the body to be easy in conducting a fitness movement.
The risk of injury becomes smaller.
It can concentrate the exercises on specific muscles as we want. 
Machine Fitness equipment is divided into 2, namely single stations and multi-station. The single station is used only for 1 movement while multi-station can be used for various kinds of movements.
Various Fitness machines:

1. Abs Crunch Machine

As the name suggests, this tool of the course exercises abdominal muscles. By using this tool we can do a crunch and make it more challenging by increasing the pressure on this machine. With the increase in the crunch intensity we do of course exercise that this will give us good results.

2. Static Bicycle

A static bicycle or static bike is a tool for cycling indoors. In addition to exercising leg muscles, this tool is usually used to burn fat or cardio. The speed and pressure in the swam can be adjusted adjusting to our ability.

3. Leg Press Machine

This tool is used for leg press exercises and forming thigh muscles and calves. By using this tool we can add the difficulty level of the leg press exercises by adding the load to this tool.

4. Treadmill

A treadmill is a very common tool found in the gym and is commonly used for cardio exercises or fat burning. The Treadmill itself is a tool used to do the road or run in place. This machine is very practical because its speed can be adjusted with our running ability. In addition to this, this tool can be set to practice mode where we will follow the fluctuating speed of the treadmill to improve our running ability. A treadmill is indeed a relatively expensive gym tool if you want to have it at home, the price of the treadmill is generally around 5 million-10 million. However, if you want a cheap treadmill you can consider buying a used treadmill or a manual treadmill.

5. Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine is a machine that will isolate the exercise in the chest muscles. Using the tool will represent the pushing movement that results in the chest pressure. The level of difficulty and burden on this tool can be adjusted to our ability.

6. Squat Hack Machine

This tool is a tool for training the thigh muscles. This tool mimics squat movement but we add loads so that squat movements with this tool are more challenging.

7. Barbell Machine

The function of the barbell machine is as a support for our movement to stabilize when using the barbell manging so that the risk of injuries can be inevitable. This tool also allows us to use a barbell with the position of the body lying on the bench.

8. Elliptical Machine

This machine represents the way we walk. With this elliptical machine, we train the leg muscles that we commonly use to walk by adding pressure that we must do more than when we go ordinary.

9. Shoulder Press Machine

As the name suggests, this machine trains your shoulder muscles. Using this tool will force our shoulders to press down which is very difficult to do without using this tool.

10. Bicep Curl Machine

This bicep curl machine serves to train the muscles of the bicep. Using this tool will make us like doing a bicep curl with barbells but with better and stable body position so that the muscles that want to be trained can also be isolated well.

11. Tricep Machine

As opposed to a bicep curl, this tool is for forming tricep muscles. This machine makes you do the movement pulling down the load towards the bottom that will train your tricep muscles. Withdrawable expenses can be adjusted according to your ability.

Fitness Accessories

In addition to the fitness tools used to train our muscles, we also need accessories to support our training programs. These accessories are useful to facilitate the exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

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