Powerful workouts and weight lifting Tips to gain weight

If you want to raise a weight, it doesn't mean you're not exercising at all. Precisely raising the weight with exercise is the best way. One of the most potent sports weight gains is exercise weights. However, you shouldn't be careless. There are several weight lifting movements and techniques suitable for you who crave the ideal body shape.

Types of weight lifting exercises to
To gain weight, you need to increase body mass. Well, weight lifting exercises can replace the fat mass with muscle mass. Raising weight with muscle mass is healthier compared to raising the weight with fat mass.

Easy or no increase in muscle mass depends on each person's body shape. People who have a large bone structure or are being easier to form muscles compared with long-boned people. So to get optimal results for each body shape, weight training should be done routinely.
Reported from Ace Fitness, according to Pete McCall, MS, CSCS, several weight lifting exercises are recommended for increasing weight. Among them are:

  1. deadlift

The deadlift is a heavy-duty exercise by lifting the barbell from the floor to align with the hips, then laid back onto the floor. This is a basic exercise that is usually done with squats (half-squats movement by bending by 90 degrees and burning the body and back slightly forward) and bench press (lifting the load with a lying position).

  1. Pull up

Pull-ups are body-lifting movements by relying on hand strength. You will be resting on a higher grip. The way, stand under the pillar, then reach the pole by jumping. Gently lift the body until your neck is higher than the pull-up bar.

  1. Bent over row

This exercise does not differ considerably by deadlift, only the knee is slightly bent, pushing the butt upwards, and conching the chest forward. Initially, take the barbell on the floor then position the body accordingly and lift the barbells to align with the stomach.

  1. Barbell Lunge

As much as ordinary lunges, it makes the difference that you have to grip the barbell on both sides of the body. It's pretty easy. You have to stand upright, and one foot forward is wide enough to the knee leg behind the floor.

  1. Standing Shoulder Press

This exercise is done by lifting the barbell from both sides of your body up to the top of the head. No need to take barbells from the top of the floor on this movement. Just grasp it on the side of the body. This exercise relies on the muscular strength of the legs, shoulders, and arms.

The right fitness tips to gain weight.

  1. Focus on the addition of muscles

The ideal body weight is not only calculated by body fat, but also with the body muscle composition. The right fitness way to gain weight is to increase muscle time, do not focus only on burning fat in the body, but you should focus on the addition of muscle time.
The increase in muscle age can start from large enough parts of the muscles such as on the arms, chest, and back. Forming muscle in this section can be done as a fitness start with the goal of increasing weight.

What should you do? What kind of fitness can shape the muscles on the arms, chest, and back? You can do push-ups, push-ups can help increase muscle life on your arms.
Pull up, with a pull up you can form the arm muscles and the back, the other way is to do squats. Squats can help you to focus on the addition of muscles on the abdomen. These three movements can be the basis of movement in focusing the addition of your muscles.

  1. Eat before and after fitness

The next Tip in the right fitness way to gain weight is to eat before and after fitness. Fitness is not only about the movements done, but also have to pay attention to the condition of your body before and after fitness.

We recommend not leaving your body hungry, eat before going to fitness. Eating before your fitness can make the body become healthy and avoid the body's blood sugar deficiency. What foods can you eat before your fitness? The first thing you should notice is the portion.

A portion of your meal is not much before doing fitness because it can make you difficult to move when the stomach is full, eat foods that are high in calories and not too much so you can still do the movement comfortably. You can eat a muscle time enhancer like a chicken breast with milk or drink milk and eat eggs before fitness.

After you do fitness, as a way of adding weight you can directly eat food back, you can eat potatoes, milk, ice cream chocolate. The food should be able to replace the calories you dispose of during fitness, the faster your calories are replaced, the quicker you can re-fitness and increase your weight.

  1. Reduce Cardio Exercise Movement

Cardio exercise is a sport that boosts your heart rate and is one of those sports that burns super calories a lot, this movement you can usually do with a run. Usually, when you are fitness you will use a treadmill to do cardio exercise. In the right fitness way to gain weight, cardio exercise should be reduced.

Reducing cardio exercise does not mean eliminating, because in the right fitness you also need to train your heart work to stay healthy. Then how to reduce it? You can do cardio exercise during heating, do it with not too many amounts. You can use a treadmill of about 5-10 minutes to warm up before doing fitness.

Reducing these movements can reduce calorie burning while you are fitness so you can focus on shaping your muscles without burning the calories in your body.

  1. Give the rest period between movements

Rest is a thing that the body needs. The break is not only done after finishing the fitness, but you also need to rest among the fitness you do. Rest your body after a few movements. But don't get too much rest.

Rest can make your body adapt so that your fitness will not burn your entire calories, there is a time lag that the body uses to return. During the break can be done while drinking, do a break not too long. For example, you can pull up as much as 12 repetitions then rest one minute continued to push up as much as 12 times repetition and 1-minute break.

Break time from one-day fitness to another day is also very necessary. Do not do fitness every day because you do not give muscle to rest. Give you 2 days between fitness, for example, you are doing fitness on Saturday then you should do your fitness back on a Tuesday, to 48 hours after the first fitness.

In addition to pauses, each fitness you have to take turns focusing on certain muscle muscles such as the focus of the arm muscles first for 2times, and then you focus on your chest muscles. This focus on different muscles can give a good rest to the muscles to increase their strength.

  1. Do Fitness for Beginners

Doing basic fitness movements is necessary, this can be your primary and initial lesson in fitness to raise the weight. You should be able to do a good and correct fitness way at the start of fitness to raise the weight.

What can you do as the beginning of the movement? That is definitely like the first tips that focus on adding muscle. Following gestures you can do:
5 × 5 Pull-Ups
Squats 5 × 5
You can practice the movement before you go to the fitness place to make your muscle muscles perform the heavier fitness recommended by the instructor.

How? Whether this Sealama fitness way you do still wrong? If you want to gain weight, then do weight gain healthily and appropriately. Don't forget to attend your diet so that the right fitness way to gain weight can have maximum results.

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