RPM make Slim

RPM or Rapid Power Motion is a class program to burn fat and calories by pedaling a static bike. Usually, RPM is done in 50 minutes. RPM consists of 9 levels of exercise. Level 1 is warming up, with an easy listening song, we can enjoy relaxing warming. Levels 2 to 8 are core exercises. Here our bodies are challenged to continue to be in top condition. Setting up breathing is also very important in this class. When we are at level 3, we have to add a static bike load to the weight, so that we can do what is called hill climbing. At level 5 we get a portion of interval training, which is meant that the interval here is half of the choreography uphill and half of the sprint again. At level 6, our exercises focus on the extent to which we sprint on the bike. Level 9 is the cooling and the shaking of leg muscles such as hamstring, quadriceps, and gluteus.

Typically, RPM feeders have their RPM jerseys, such as shirts, hats, pants, and shoes. For clothes, the price ranges from Rp 50-300ribu. Pants for RPM are specially designed to have thick foam in the groin, to keep the genital area, buttocks and thighs not wound/blister while on the bike. The shoes used by RPM are special. These shoes usually lead to taper with slightly small heel parts. Also, on the shoe soles there are hooks to hook the shoes with the bicycle pedal so that during the training process, the shoes are not separated from the pedals. The price for this shoe is quite expensive, even more, expensive than the shoe brand Adidas, Nike or Reebok. Ranging between Rp 700k-2million. The best brands for RPM shoes are Exustar, SIDI, and Shimano.

In the fitness world, RPM is not a very unfamiliar thing. The tool that is often used for cycling these indoors, is indeed an important part in the process of burning calories and muscle building. Revolution Per Minute or RPM is one of the sports you can do in the gym. By following the RPM class, the fat in your body can be burned maximally. Before you follow the class, you should read some important points below.

RPM Benefits

This exercise concentrates on heart health, so that blood circulation will be smoother when you perform RPM. With cycling-like movements, making fat in the body is also easier to unravel. Presented by James Sutherland, an American renowned RPM instructor. RPM can help fat burning from 400 to 900 calories.

Stronger leg muscles

It's not just your heart that will be healthy, but the leg muscles you use to peddle the RPM pedal will also be stronger. You can feel how fat in your thighs turns into muscles. It also includes your calf, which will look beautiful with your criminal legs.

Ideal time

You can at any time do this RPM in the gym. More if you have your RPM at home, you can use it more freely. However, the ideal portion uses this RPM from 2 to 3 times a week.

For beginners

If this is a experience, you can come to the gym directly. You can list and define the RPM class schedule you'll be following. Typically, this RPM class is followed by many people. The instructor will direct 10 to 15 people who follow the RPM class. You can also get sports while having a lot of new friends.

Sit comfortably

The key to successfully undergoing RPM is at your convenience when riding. Position the buttocks as comfortable as possible. You can consult a fitness instructor about the ideal height of a safe and comfortable saddle.
After understanding the various simple rules of RPM, you just have to apply the maximum. With regular exercise and healthy food consumption, you can have an idea and a slim body as you've been craving.

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