Stop! Don't get fitness before you know these 9 mistakes

Some of us are fitness a.k.a. exercising at the fitness center, sometimes not so take into account and pay attention to the little things that turned out to be important for them. Well, what are some hell mistakes that we usually do during fitness?

1. Lack of rest time

If you just focus on lifting without noticing your resting hours, don't expect you can get optimal results. Remember, muscle growth occurs not when muscles are used, precisely when the muscles are resting.

2. Don't know the body's ability to limit

Challenging yourself can certainly be done, but you also have to understand the boundaries of your body skills. Do not force yourself to lift more burden than your ability because overtraining can hurt your own body.

3. Forgot to enter foot exercises in training Program

EITs, do you focus too much on upper body exercises? Don't forget your feet as the foundations of your body. Your upper body is important, but if the upper body is already beautifully formed and your feet are small, is it good to be seen?

4. Can't Live Without Supplement!

Dietary supplements during exercise are important but do not depend on the supplement because the job is merely a support for less nutritional needs. In some cases, some people become discouraged during exercise when he or she does not take supplements.

5. Minimal Cardio Exercises

It's important to remember, not only for those who are overweight! Cardio exercises are important for everyone because its function is to improve the heart performance that is in effect on increased stamina.

6. Depends on machine Fitness equipment versus Manual tools

Usually, this mistake is done by beginners who eventually lead to the habit. The machine fitness equipment makes muscle movement static and not free. If you want to develop muscles, you need to train your entire body that can be obtained from a manual fitness tool.

7. Unprogrammatic Training

For those who already use personal trainer services, happy. But for those who do not use the personal trainer Services, arrange a program that can motivate yourself to exercise continuously until fruitful results.

8. Untrue Exercise Techniques

You should also remember that fitness is not just lifting weights, but lifting weights also holds a big role. In addition to avoiding injuries, you also understand which muscles you are training while doing certain exercises.

9. Too many distractions

The fitness content is not just Adam alone, sometimes your focus can shift from pursuing the ideal body shape to pursue the beautiful chicks. Do not just want to grab the attention of a girl, you get a burden that is heavier than usual!

Well, that's him nine mistakes that generally do guys when fitness. Try sharing with your gym friends who have made similar mistakes so that they don't repeat the same mistake too.

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