After a week of work fatigue, the sex sensation can relieve everything, including every concern in your mind. The burden on the shoulders is unreleased. All of that is realized in just a single "spray" (you know what I mean). However, they can be swallowed by embarrassment, if the sensation of the hour, turned into a minute (sex duration), just because you entered the battle arena under no ready condition. All men have experienced such, even the fittest ones. No need to feel embarrassed. Just like any other sport, you can improve your sex performance with the right exercises. Plus a little extra sweat in the gym, you can give your sports the right to be accepted women couple women's spouse.


It is the most important muscle/organ to be trained for power and endurance in making love. If your cardio system is in good condition, then the durability automatically improves, because the blood flow to the vital tool becomes smooth. 

According to ACE (American Council on Exercise), normal heartbeat during the intimate relationship ranges from 90 to 145 Deyut per minute, the equivalent of a treadmill run with a speed of 6.5 mph. One-hour sex is equivalent to the calories issued for a 5-mile run. There is no choice but to train your heart. Treadmill, elliptical machine, or stepper machine is just one way. Other ways can also be used like boxing, skipping rope, or weight training 15-20 Reps – Everything is good for improving the cardio system. You must focus on endurance during all of those exercises. This is how the intensity and length of the training duration are weekly (at least 5-10% of the previous week's session). If the routine is done, do not be surprised if the stamina in the bed also increases.

Exercises for shagging action

Some areas of the body must be trained for specific movements in intimate relationships. According to David James, a specialist in the core strength of NSCA at Florida Atlantic University. Different from the usual exercise, if you talk about strength and muscle formation, then exercise for sex is usually associated with the muscles used during the screwing. Even if during this time you're a hardcore workout like a pro bodybuilder, if a little thing like this is out of your attention, then still your love life is likely to arise problems. Many ' fitness mania ' is problematic with the performance only because it is accustomed to strength training (low reps, heavy loads). If during this time you are already desperately in the gym with unsatisfactory results (sex), do not worry! By reading this writing, there is still hope for you.

Upper body: More than just Strength
During sex, the upper body is usually related to the effort to support the body of your partner in various positions and angles to shorten the duration of the making. So exercise for your usual upper body during this time, the only one focused on the sheer strength (low reps, heavyweight). But it should also be considered as an exercise for stability. The trick is to practice the part of your muscles that work to support the body of your female partners, such as shoulders and traps. Ideally a dumbbell shrug with slow motion. Hold the load above for 2 seconds. Instead of adding to the burden, you should keep the weight load around 65-75% of the maximum load you can lift in 1 rep in such a way so that you are only able to do the only 8-10. Practice the type of compound for the upper body that is commonly used in making love, such as hands, shoulders, and chest.
"Sex is a great healer remedy for insomnia"

Core Exercises

The abdomen is the core of muscles that control the strength of the whole movement, including making love. Even the energy of forgiveness comes from the stomach. To function optimally, flexibility and endurance are needed. It can be achieved with abdominal exercises and stretching the lower back. For abdominal exercises, we recommend a type of traditional exercise such as leg raise with weight. The point to form stability and strength, 8-10 Reps per set (low volume). Do the same thing for crunches with weight for upper abs, and dumbbell twist for oblique.

Why the lower back stretching? The answer is simple, so you move freely. Abdominal exercises increase the strength of motion such as penetration. While lower back stretching ensures you can do penetration with full-motion during making love. Abdominal exercises should always end with a lower back stretching. Be sure during stretching, hold the position for 10-15 seconds per set. Every time after the abdominal exercises per set, always followed by a stretch of 2 sets. Rest between sets not too long.

Lower body Durability

The lower body is the most important area during making love, as the most widely used, the source of every sex movement is centered on the lower body. If you're trained properly, you can spur penetration movements at your own pace, and as quickly as you want. The lower body exercises are done with medium/light loads, high reps. The goal is to treat the duration of the screwing itself (endurance). Prioritize compound exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Perform around 15-25 Reps, a total of 8-12 sets per one type of exercise. During workouts, focus on your cardio system If necessary until . The break between sets should not be more than 30 seconds for maximum stamina.

Overall training

From the explanation above, it can be deduced different upper body exercises with a lower body. The upper body exercises for stability, hold the movement above for a long time (between reps), the movement is done slowly. On the other hand, the lower body is intended for durability, needs high reps, shorter set breaks. And the core/abdominal exercises are the combination of both types of exercises (upper and lower), therefore should focus on endurance (the longer the drill, the better) plus a strength exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Both are vital for their freedom of movement and durability during sex.

More delicious than just enjoyment

Fitness exercises for sex have a wide impact beyond the life of making love. That is to improve the relationship quality with your opponent friends. According to Arlene Golden, a sex therapist from the University of Chicago. The higher the confidence in the bed, the positive impact will be transmitted to other aspects of your life that have been in the dominant sense of stress. Confidence, the desire to love more often, and the freedom of being, it all becomes the key to feel free in your non-sex life.
Not only that, but sex is also a great healer remedy for insomnia (imagine the sense of enjoyment and the sense of slumping you feel after orgasm). Many studies have ultimately concluded that; More and more intimate, will load more youthful, more active, more flexible, and not easy to senile. The reverse is also true, the less you use your vital tools, the premature aging, senile, etc. It will further master you. The old saying goes, Use it or Lose it!

Supplement Sex

If you feel the need, do not hurt to use supplements to improve the quality of sex. Some of them are:
Yohimbine: Useful for launching the blood flow of male vital instruments, increasing the levels of norepinephrine (chemical inflow sex information from the brain to nerve/neurotransmitter) by 68%, including the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that control Muscle sex reaction. All of them have direct links to the frequency, strength, and stamina for the male erection.
Zinc: The most important sex supplement for men, its role in sperm production is vital. There is a concluding study, men who consume 500 Mg of additional zinc per day, experiencing increased testosterone production drastically.
Arginine: Useful for improving blood flow in the body as well as erectile dysfunction therapy, accelerating wound healing, stimulating growth hormone production. Everything is made I-arginine as an ideal supplement for sex stamina and overall fitness.

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