Often women are made confused about seven around the concept of ' ideal body shape '. Many factors can influence the concept in women, some of which are opinions of friends/girlfriends/Husbands, media (magazines, television, advertisements, and internet) that continue to reveal the shape of the ' ideal ' body.

It is not intended to be doctrinal, but in this present age, the body that is said to be ideal is a slim body and also toned, not a thin body.

If you also want the ideal body shape, the path you should choose is to lift the burden. Since it has become a fact that weight lifting exercises (anaerobic) are exercises that will build muscle. While aerobic exercise (dance, running, jogging, etc) is an exercise that will burn fat. Both need to be done, not just to get the ideal body, but also a healthy body.

If you are one of the ' warrior ' ladies who are ready to turn yourself into a healthier and better, I hope you don't do any mistakes like the ones below:


Going to the gym is a great first step. When you sign up, indirectly you've committed with yourself.
But usually what happens is that women avoid weight training needed to be transformed. The point is the use of burdens that tend to be the same throughout time. The classic reason is ' fear of looking like a man for being muscular '.

Perhaps, the above image is the basis of the misconceptions that occur in women. Only, PED (Performance Enhancement Drugs) users/steroid users, which can shape his body to be like the women in the photograph. Even a natural man can not be like that too.

Therefore, I want to say to change the concept of thinking
Weight Load = Large muscle = visible male (ERRONEOUS)
If you're natural (one that only nourishes the natural diet), there's no need to worry about it. All you need to be planted in our minds is lifting a heavyweight that makes you only able to do 8-15 reps.

Your muscles won't grow – it won't be ' curvy ' or like Ade Rai's brother – if you move anything with loads that don't exceed the burden you face every day. For example Everyday you carry a baby boy who weighs 6Kg for 6 hours a day. When you exercise at the gym, you lift weights that weigh 6Kg for an hour. What happened? Muscles will not develop because muscles are already adapting to our daily activities. Therefore, choose heavier loads such as 10Kg, 12Kg, 20Kg, even if you are a mighty woman you can only raise hundreds of kilograms. There have been many if we see the action of the fitness model women are practicing heavy lifting weights. Not infrequently also women beat men.
The point is to choose a heavier burden than your daily activities, but it's not too heavy until you can't finish the 8-15 reps. If you can do the load by as much as 20 reps, add the burden again.


After the first problem is resolved usually the second problem that will arise is afraid of the stature/appearance. Why?

It can not be denied, when lifting heavier loads (especially if the burden is not uncommon) the expression will change. Both men and women will experience this and it is common. But that doesn't mean you have to be grinding. Usually, when we use a burden that we can lift as much as 8-15 reps, our facial expressions will still look normal.

Not the same as we do the 1RM load (maximum reps) aka doing the force with a very heavy burden, facial expression in this situation does sometimes look very extreme. But do you know that the invisible feeling comes from your mind?

There will always be people who judge regardless of which path you choose. Suppose you choose to look beautiful and play with a mediocre load. Then there will be people who say ' when would change if playing such a burden continues? '

Similarly, if you choose to lift a heavy load and you look like the beast there will always be people who say ' see Deh chick, extreme really '.

The essence of the second point is actually to stop thinking about what others think and say. You are the king over yourself.


It has a flat stomach and toned has become the dream of all men both male and female. But sometimes because of so strong the craving, to the extent of an obsession. Then that will happen is a continuous abs workout every day without stopping. Ironically, not the stomach is increasingly shrinking but enlarges even tends to plateau (stuck).

Why so?
One thing we need to all know is that we all already have six-pack abs since birth. But as time goes on and we grow older, the wrong lifestyle and diet end up placing fat in front of our abs muscles so that the muscles are invisible.

If you do a continuous abdominal exercise every day, that happens is that you only train the abdominal muscles but do not erode the fat. Therefore, your abdominal muscles become bigger and stronger but also have a consequence of pushing the layer of fat that is in front of it so that it makes the stomach look more ' advanced '.

We just need to scrape the fat that is on the stomach lining to make the six-pack look back. But not in a way such as crunches or relentless crunches.

The solution is to stop for obsessions with the stomach. Focus on other exercises such as squats, bench, deadlift, shoulder press, and other compound movements. Focus on those exercises with a combined active lifestyle (a lot of standing and walking). Do it on until you have reached the body fat level of about 20% and just put your stomach exercises.

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