Warming before lifting

Hello guys! This time we will talk about heating and cardio before lifting weights. Why do we discuss it? Because heating is a very important start when we start lifting weights.
Before doing exercise activities are supposed to warm up, so that when the fitness later does not suffer injury. There are some simple movements later that the author will convey, but previously noticed in advance the danger of not doing a warming movement before fitness.
To do the warming movement for fitness it is really easy to do and not much exertion. But the danger gained from not doing this warming movement is quite a danger once, yet nothing has been an injury. And I hope you don't underestimate this.

  • Squat

Squat. Squats are becoming a great way to get the benefits of such exercises in the gym. Standing with the legs is opened as wide as the shoulder then lowers the body slowly using abdominal muscles. Perform a squat attitude for a minute. Squats are good for the firmness of abdominal muscles to the intimate part of women.

  • Jumping Jack

The movement is done by stretching the hands down in closed feet. Then jump while widening both legs and both hands over the head. Perform this repetitive gesture for 45 seconds. Jumping jacks are useful for improving leg muscle endurance also hands and good for cardio.

  • Lunge

Put both hands on the hips with the back in a straight state. Make sure both shoulders are not strained, front-facing views, and core muscles are in a tight state. Lunge should be done with a hard and flat floor, not on the mattress, so you can get a good balance. The length of the steps taken depends on your height, but usually around 0.6 to 0.9 meters. When stepping, move the hips downwards and bend both knees until each of them forms an angle of 90 degrees. Knees on the front legs should not exceed the tip of the toes and knees on the back leg does not touch the floor. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg. Make sure your muscles are always in a tight state when practicing

  • Push Up

Push up for 30 seconds. Start with widened hands on the floor and the body is in a straight line. If you are a beginner should hand wider than the shoulder is not aligned. Then let both knees touch the floor so that the movement feels lighter. Push-ups will help the body be more fit and strengthen the abdominal muscles, arms, and legs.

  • Static warming movement

The static warming movement before doing the fitness is done by starting from head to toe. This movement of ordinary and common things is done in the Gym, because of its good benefits before starting the fitness. The movement is quite light and does not take too much energy to emit largely, but you can feel from the movement of this static warming from head to toe.

  • Warming Walking Movement

Before doing sports you should first walk leisurely because doing this walk can help the body in mass preparation to do more intense activities.

  • Heating movement rotates wrists, feet, and waist

Doing this move is to loosen the body part so that the wrist will be relaxed and ready to do a more severe exercise. The way to do it is quite easy, just rotate the ankle rotate to the right and left, the hand is also the same do the rotate movement, then proceed by rotating your waist right and to the left.

  • Warming in a place Jogging movement

Doing this gesture many benefits once before doing a more intense fitness again. Because the body requires preparation for the sports activities are heavier LGI.
You can simply jog in the place, or with a light jump because your heart will be slowly pumping so that it is not surprised again when you do more heavy movements.

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