TRX Workout Plan

The TRX, an accessory for muscle building that is no longer presented as it has become a must in rooms and at home, has not finished telling us all its secrets. Its great strength being the variety it offers, here are 2 turnkey programs for you to satisfy all practitioners, from beginners to confirmed.

TRX Beginner Program

Not easy when you start in bodybuilding to get used to this instability that the TRX offers. This requires great muscular coordination, on the upper and lower body with, above all, maintaining the sheathing in the abdominal area. The objective of this beginner program is therefore to learn the basic investments of TRX. And for that nothing better than a full body on 2 sessions per week.
The 40 seconds per exercise allow an effective work of the 30s, the time to change position between each movement. Neither too much nor too little. And the circuit diagram allows muscular and cardiovascular stress at the same time.


On the circuit, 40 seconds per exercise, 4 to 6 laps, and 2 minutes of recovery between each lap.
1 - Front feet sheathing in TRX, forearm on the ground
2 - Rowing (elbows glued to the body) with 2 arms
3 - Developed pectoral hands in TRX
4 - 2 leg squat, TRX held with 2 hands
5 - 2-arm bicep curl
6 - Triceps dos au TRX extension


In-circuit 40s per exercise.
1 – Crunch en suspension
2 - Foot pump in TRX
3 - Rear leg slot in TRX
4 - Same as other legs
5 - Epaules in Y
6 - Triceps dos au TRX extension
7 - 2-arm bicep curl
As always, remember to warm up at the start of the session and return to calm at the end.

TRX confirmed program

Retroversion of the pelvis, abduction of the shoulder blades, sheathing of the transverse, etc ... As a confirmed practitioner, these placements are familiar to you, so I will not return to them. The program aims to make maximum use of the possibility of covering the whole body offered by the TRX, by associating it with muscular reinforcement of the superficial and deep muscles, as far as possible.
As always, you can adjust the difficulty of the exercise by varying the incline of your body. The slogan says: "TRX make your body your machine"; here, I would rather say: "TRX your body A machine!"


45s circuit per exercise, 6 to 8 chained laps without recovery.
1 – Atomic push-up
2 - Dynamic front sheathing by mounting the knees on the sides
3 – Kneeling roll out face au TRX
4 - 1 leg squat, strap held in 2 hands
4 - Horizontal rowing (better if feet against a wall), elbows glued to the body
5 - Epaules in Y
6 - 1-arm bicep curl (the 30s per arm)
7 - Back triceps extension (the 30s per arm)
8 - Rear leg slot in TRX
9 - Same as other legs


Circuit 1 minute per exercise, 6 to 8 chained laps without recovery.
1 - Low rowing with 1 arm, 1 leg in support (the 30s per side)
2 - 1-arm bicep curl (the 30s per side)
3 - Rearfoot lunge in TRX, small step (for quadriceps)
4 - Same as the second leg
5 - T-shaped shoulders
6 - Pectoral deviation
7 - Hand dips in TRX, legs on high support or 1 leg on the floor
8 - Leg curl lying feet in TRX, hands crossed on chest
9 - Atomic push-up knees sideways


1 - Handpumps in TRX, body horizontal
2 - Spread pecs hands in TRX
3 – Atomic push-up
4 - T and Y shoulders 1 rep on 2
4 - Rowing high with 1 hand (elbow at shoulder height)
5 - Twist bust in hammer grip 2 hands-on 1 strap (oblique objective)
6 - Rear leg slot in TRX
7 - Same as 6 other leg
8 - Unilateral leg curl with 1 strap
9 - Same as 8 on the other side

Some tips

These programs are just the basics to customize as you progress. They respect a uniform schedule of sessions with a rotation between the priority muscle groups at each session (placed at the beginning or end of the session), and a balanced volume of work on each muscle. If you have additional accessories like kettle bells , swiss ball, bosu, etc ... mix them to further intensify your sessions.
The TRX is not intended to make the muscular hypertrophy pure and hard even if it can be integrated into such a program. Also, I advise you to use it for a functional work purpose like the two programs offered. With your straps and your sneakers, intensity and regularity guarantee progress!

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