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Gentlemen, are you looking for a bodybuilding program to sculpt the body of Apollo? Today we offer a complete training plan as well as valuable advice for starting your physical transformation. Consisting of 4 sessions, the program will allow you to train all your muscle groups, through a variety of exercises, while making your self-sufficient rest to recover. The ideal base for all men who want to develop their physique!

Details about this bodybuilding program

The bodybuilding Program for the men we've gathered for you consists of 4 sessions that will be spread out for a week. Each session is focused on the work of 1 or 2 muscle groups, each with 6 exercises. Be careful to respect the order indicated, for maximum efficiency of isolation exercise will be performed at the end of the session.  Called a split routine, this 4-day training method allows you to intensely train any group of muscles only once a week, which avoids excessive exercise because the muscles are given enough time to recover. Together, this weight training session will allow you to strengthen your whole body and that is how you sculpt Your muscles in harmony.

As part of muscle development, we recommend you do 4 sets of 8 to 15 reps for each exercise. The recovery time between each series will be between 1 ' 30  "and 3 minutes, to be adjusted according to the exercise, your level, your equipment, the time you have, etc. Without having to get to the "failure", it is important to finish your session with minimal muscle fatigue and nerves. As part of the gaining mass goal, you should stop between 1 and 3 repetitions before failing during your last workout set. So remember to adjust your load properly during each session.

Finally, the program is designed to be followed in a heavy space. Unless you have a device, you won't be able to track it at home. If you would like to benefit from a training plan equivalent to weight loss, please feel free to consult our program without equipment, or contact a professional sports trainer to benefit from a program made 100%.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a beginner, we recommend that you follow our bodybuilding program for beginners before starting.
Presentation of 4 training sessions
Session 1: Bodybuilding chest and triceps
The proposed exercises during this session:
Bench Press: 4 sets of 10 reps.
Press the Tilt Bench: 4 sets of 10 reps.
Apart from the opposite pulley: 4 sets of 15 repetitions.
Dips: 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
Barre au frontal: 4 sets with 10 repetitions.
Triceps extension on the high pulley: 4 sets of 15 repetitions.

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Session 2: Bodybuilding backs and biceps
The proposed exercises during this session:
Pull-up: 4 sets of 8 repetitions.
Rowing leaning bust Bar + pull horizontally on a low pulley: 4 sets of 8 rows of paddle + 1 set of 10 pull on pulley.
Dead lift: 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
Bicep Curl: 4 sets of 10 reps.
Curl Rotation: 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
Curved High Pulley curve: 4 sets of 15 repetitions.

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Session 3: Bodybuilding feet and glutes (+ ABS)
The proposed exercises during this session:
Squat: 4 sets of 10 reps.
Press Thigh: 4 sets of 12 repetitions.
Bend the knee: 4 sets of 12 repetitions.
Extension feet: 4 sets of 15 repetitions.
Vacuum: 8 Series.
Lateral Casing: 4 series.

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Session 4: Strengthening the shoulder and trapezius muscles (+ ABS)


The proposed exercises during this session:

Military Press: 4 sets with 10 repetitions.
Elevation frontal: 4 sets of 12 repetitions.
Side elevation: 4 sets with 12 repetitions.
Bird: 4 Sets with 12 reps.
Shrug: 4 sets of 15 repetitions.
High pulley crisis + rotational crisis: 4 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise.

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Our tips for following this bodybuilding program
Consider your morphology!
When developing this training program for men, we have chosen to give you free equipment to be used. Almost all exercises can be done with barbells or barbells. However, we advise you to try both versions to keep one that gives you the most sensation of muscle to work. For example, for many practitioners, bench press does not allow you to effectively feel the work of the chest. According to your morphology, the effort can be further localized on the shoulder level and especially in the anterior deltoid, from which there is pain. It is important on the front of the shoulder and not in the chest the next day. If this is your case, point yourself to a workout with a dumbbell for this strength training exercise.

Sick first, have fun then?

You know the famous  "painlessly without profit " that can be translated as  "without effort, without results ". However, in bodybuilding efforts not only consist of a desire to lift weights, it is important to master the technique of performing exercises. Obsession with desire to always gain weight, which is particularly observed in beginners of male gender, inevitably leads to injuries and stagnation, insomuch that the slogan  "Without the brain painless ", which can be translated by  "Without the brain, no results " appears. Therefore understand that in bodybuilding it is important to diligently, regularly and master each movement if you want to get results quickly.

Progressive advantages

The male bodybuilding Program offered here is a strong foundation for building an athletic body. The exercises mentioned, mostly poly-articular, are great classics that have proven its worth over the years. However, to get your training results should evolve every week, this requires progressive overload.

Progressive overload is increasing the number of repetitions and/or loads used. We recommend that you continue as follows: Take the cost of X that allows you to do 10 repetitions. Every week, try to do 1 more repetition while keeping this cost. After you successfully perform 15 reps with this burden, increase the weight used by a few pounds to start again on the new cycle of 10 reps, and so on.

A healthy and balanced Diet for more results
Gentlemen, if you are involved in a bodybuilding program, it is important to adopt a good eating habit in parallel. To remove fat, add muscle and build the body of Apollo, the role of diet will be very important.

Here are some tips:

Consume proteins every time you eat with a focus on white meat and fish.
Consumption of quality lipids (unsaturated fatty acids), which are found in eggs, salmon, avocado, olive oil and oil seeds.
Pay attention to your carbohydrate intake, which should be of high quality. No food industry, eat fruits, vegetables, rice and oatmeal.
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Need a personality program?

The bodybuilding Program We propose here remains the basis, which is important to adapt to your ability, morphology, and goals if you want to advance quickly. For this, the goal remains to be accompanied by a professional sports trainer, who can compose a 100% tailor-made program! Find your coach at home or discover our online training services.

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