Workout At Home No Equipment

Home training has always had a huge advantage:

Getting started is an easy and quieter environment
You can jump to shower as soon as you finish exercising
You don't have to carry your sports bags all day long...
Here are the 4 best exercises to do at home without tools, each with a special focus for each muscle group:

Full-Body Workouts
Belly Training & Core
Leg Exercises
Weapon Training


Stimulating exercises for the whole body. We also suggest variations for beginners or ways to make the exercises more difficult.
Couch Dip: Beginners can do Triceps Dip.
Split Squat: Beginners can choose between Standard Squat, Forward Lunge, or Backward Lunge.
Dropped push-ups: beginners can replace it with a normal push-up or Knee push-up.
Hip Thruster: To make the workout more intense, try lifting one leg.
Glute Bridge: Beginners can do exercises with both feet on the ground. Instead, lifting one foot from the couch will increase the difficulty level.
Sit-Stand-Jump: To increase the effort of gluteal muscles, use a rubber band, or increase the distance between one leg and another.
If you want a targeted exercise done comfortably at home, you can get a 12-week package or other training plans.


Train your entire body, including your back muscles! You can find below are also possible variants for beginners and experts.
Mountain Climber: If you are a beginner, you can do it slower.
High board: Hold position for 30-60 seconds. Beginners can choose a simplified variant with a break or rest their knees on the ground during workouts (additional variants are available here).
Inchworm: Doing exercises faster will not make it harder, in this case, it is better to give priority to the correct shape.
Bridges: Lifting one foot from the ground makes exercise more intense; And puts your feet on an unstable surface, such as a sphere.

·         LEGS WORKOUT

Strengthen your feet with this perfect workout to do at home. Again, we recommend possible variants based on your level.
Squat: Beginners can start using a seat to learn the correct shape.
Forward Lunge: Beginners can use support if needed.
Squat Jump: They can be replaced by normal Squats for simpler variants.
Wall Sit: Hold the position for 15-60 seconds. Beginners can start by maintaining their positions as long as possible without reducing the form.


A simple Program to train the upper body without requiring a tool, with suggestions for a simplified variant or more intense.
Knee Push-ups: Beginners who have difficulty exercising can choose Wall Push Offs. It is also possible to replace them with regular push-ups or other variants.
Triceps Dip: Beginners can do Triceps Dip on the ground. For an advanced variant, try placing your palms in the seat.
Knee-heaving: For more intense workouts, you can vary with normal heaving.
Wall Lateral Pull-Down: An effort will be greater using a rubber band.

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