Workout At Home For Men Abs

Do you dream of removing the stomach and finally have a flat stomach? Here are 10 abdominal exercises that let you train every muscle in the abdomen area, start diluting your stomach.

Of course, without healthy nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, belly exercises are not enough! However, they are the first step towards a firmer stomach and a slimmer figure.

Also, training the stomach is very useful to prevent lower back pain and improve posture and balance.

What to do to lose weight in the stomach 

The first step to eliminating belly fat, as suggested by Dr. Piretta, Melarossa Nutritionist, is to follow a balanced diet , it is important not only for aesthetic reasons but mainly because of abdominal fat, which is localized in the stomach, harmful to health.

Abdominal fats are most associated with cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and diabetes, especially in the presence of high cholesterol.

So, a low-calorie diet (better if balanced like Melarossa) allows you to lose weight throughout the body.

Of course, the part that will diminish the most is those with greater fat mass. For this reason, it is important to combine good physical exercise with a diet that combines aerobic activity (running, jumping rope, etc.) With special tightening activities for abdomen and abdominal core areas.

Aerobic exercise is ideal for relieving the stomach as it activates the metabolism positively and involves the cardiovascular system, for this reason, it should be done with certain intensity for at least 20 minutes in a row (the effect begins to feel when the body reacts with less fatigue and warmth.

However, keep in mind that if freedom is excessive, it is advisable to reduce the intensity and always talk to your doctor.)

Abdominal exercises: which muscles work?

These circuits are designed to work the large muscles that form the abdominal band but also the stomach core:

The abdominal rectum is the front wall of the abdominal muscles and the area where famous  "Turtles" are formed.

The oblique muscles are two: internal angled muscles and an external angled muscle.

They help rotate the torso.

The transverse muscles are one of the broad muscles that help form the abdominal wall. It starts from the back of the torso, where it attaches to all the spine, and covers the entire abdomen horizontally.

When she works she is not moving, she only contracts on herself without moving another muscle. It performs the spinal stabilizing function.

Abdominal nuclei: consist of abdominal muscles and spinal cord sensory muscles.

Abdominal exercises: The core importance of a flat stomach

Not only is the abdominal muscles that are part of the stomach core, but all the deep muscles that act as corsets and hence protect the spine.

Firstly it is thought that to protect the spine, it is important to train the abdominal muscles, then the concept of core stability is developed: understood, that is, spinal stability is caused by all the muscles that surround it, therefore not only for abdominal muscles only. Abdominal wall but also spinal sensory muscles (square waist, glutes, etc.).

One of the first to talk about the core stability is Joseph Pilates: He claims that the body is strong if the center part is strong and stable and calls it  "belt power ".

So when we talk about tightening the stomach, we no longer just mean the abdominal exercise program but also core exercises like the board, which not only tightens the stomach but also the belly belt.

Exercises done in isometry on fit-ball are also very effective.

Abdominal exercises for the tonic core

·         board

The exercises take place in the isometry, which involves the abdominal rectum and all the muscles of the abdominal belt.

Kneeling with the elbow on the ground. Bring back your straight feet with legs on the big toes and lift the pelvis carefully so that your back is straight and aligned with the floor. Bring your stomach and contract your butt.

Warning: Don't let your stomach spill! Keep the cervix in the neutral position, e.g. In body extensions.

Hold this position for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times. You can also decide to follow our board program.

·         Superman

Exercises involving lumbar area, abdomen, buttocks, and flexors.

Lie on the ground in the position of the neck, always use a special mat, with hands stretched in front of the head and palms facing the ground, and your legs stretched. By contracting the buttocks and the lower back, he lifts his legs and upper body from the ground.

Warning: The head remains in the prolongation of the body, the downward view!

Hold for 30 seconds, pause for 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

Abdominal exercises for abdominal rectus

·         Sit down

The sit-up is excellent for strengthening The abdominal area of The rectus.

Lie down on the ground and lock your feet under the bed or furniture. Take your hand to the back of the neck and, while exhaling, try to lift your back, with an open belly.

The important thing is to feel all the vertebrae well in the climb and descent! You shouldn't wake up with a straight back.

If you have a back problem, it is best not to do this exercise.

Sit for 30 seconds, pause for 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

·         Knee Crunch

Rectus abdominis mainly involved in this exercise.

Lie on the floor with the legs lifted and the knees are bent at a temperature of 90 °. It is important to keep your feet from moving during workouts.

If you like, set your feet in the chair. Inhale and, exhale, bring your stomach in and lift your shoulders off the floor, bring your elbow toward the knee.

Be careful not to impose the cervix.

Breathe, returning to the starting position. Knees crackling for 30 seconds, stopping for 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

·         Flap The Kick

In this exercise, especially the lower abdomen is involved.

Lie on your back on the ground, inhale and exhale, bring your stomach and lift your body and feet from the ground at the same time.

Be careful not to bend your back.

Perform a small jolt with the legs keeping the arm on the side and be careful not to lift the lower back. Perform 30 seconds of momentum, then stop for 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.


Belly Exercises for obliques

·         Sit-up alternative tilt

Perfect for training your sloped stomach.

In the supine position, bring the hand behind the head with an open elbow. Inhale and lift your legs and shoulders from the ground, be careful not to shed your stomach.

Exhale and bring the left leg towards the right elbow by rotating the chest. Repeat the exercises on the other side and continue executing alternating legs.

Important: Keep your elbow open, remember to always keep the waist area on the ground and back your head in your hands without forcing the neck to avoid the risk of pain in the neck.

The cross-Crunch alternative for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

·         Cycling Cross crunches

One of the best belly exercises. Obliques are in high demand. Lie on the ground with your back sticking firmly on the ground and hands behind the neck.

Simulate with the foot of the classical movement of sports bicycle pedaling, alternating right elbow with left knee and vice versa.

During the twist, be careful not to burden your neck.

Exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

·         Very touching

This exercise is excellent for practicing obliques and abdominal rectum.

Lying on his back, with his legs on the wide-open ground of the pelvis, his arms along his body and his palms resting on the ground. Inhale and, exhale, lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

Defend your stomach and swing it to the left and right to touch the heels with your hands.

Remember to keep your stomach!

Exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times. 

Abdominal exercises for the transverse

·         Vacuum belly

The vacuum belly is a breathing exercise that with active contraction strengthens transverse muscles – the deepest and most fundamental of the stomach to have ABS designed!

A vacuum is based on breathing techniques, basic yoga, and Pilates!

Lying on the back with the soles of the feet in the wide open ground of the pelvis, arms along the body and palms resting on the ground, back close to the floor.

Breathe deeply while removing the stomach and exhale when carrying the stomach, which is the navel toward the spine.

Do a vacuum belly for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

·         Reversing the crisis

This exercise is very good to tighten the anus abdomen and transverse.

Lying on the back with the soles of the feet in the wide open ground of the pelvis, arms along the body and palms resting on the ground, back close to the floor.

Inhale and, exhale, remove the pelvis from the ground pushing the foot toward the ceiling. The oscillation is minimal, the hip rises because it is pulled by the stomach.

Important: You don't need to feel tired on your back!

Return to the starting position. Repeat reverse crunch for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeated 3 times.

Recommendation: Don't work at the execution speed but focus on the correct execution, remember to bring the stomach when you exhale and do swing.

Good exercise!

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